Agents of Dune digital version

Modiphius is already giving access to the digital files of the Agents of Dune boxed set for people who have pre-ordered and I’ve already downloaded mine. :slight_smile:

What about you? What are your first impressions about it?


I’m currently reading through it in preparation for a campaign, and it looks promising.

When I reached page 83, however, I got confused. The character Harun suddenly appeared out of nowhere. By whom was he captured? When? And last but not least, how?

Unless I’m completely missing something, I think there must be a gap in the story line here.

Not entirely. He’s the Fremen who gets captured in the attack on the motorcade.

That’s what I was guessing, but it’s not described anywhere. On page 82 it just says that the Fremen ran away. I can’t find anything about any of them being captured, just that they left behind a lasgun with a spent energy cell. The prisoner seems to appear out of nowhere on page 83.

I’m OK with that, it’s not that difficult to make something up to fill in the blank. It does however seem like an omission.

Fair point. Harun’s story is detailed in the interrogation but we should have been clearer where he comes from after the attack.