Modiphius Support for Fallout lagging?

That’s great news! Can hardly wait to see what all is added. I enjoyed the Automatron deck a great deal, it’s exciting to hear you have something similar planned for the creatures.

I am glad to hear that the Soft Shelled are going to be added and will likely paint two of mine up as such. While I liked the concept behind the Automatron deck we really need some actual figures for things like Robobrains, Junkbots and Scrapbots.

Also, I am still not sure why the Mirelurk Queen has less Health than the SM Behemoth since they are the same in F4. I also expect that the lack of including her acid attack under Equipped on her card is a mistake. Also, to be honest, the Fog Crawler ground pound attack is less than clear what it affects. Is it an area and if so how large?


That’s an Alliance problem. Alliance has been reluctant to carry anything about Fallout. I’ve been trying to get my store to add on ACD or the other good distributor (MSD MCD?), but he doesn’t want to be “harassed” by solicitations. Alliance was two weeks late delivering the Elder Scrolls first releases but other Fallout items from the Institute wave have yet to be available, they’re still on “pre-order” on the Alliance retail site. His Alliance rep cited miniature market’s web site for those sets saying they’re still on “pre-order” status there, too.

The UK has been very aggressive with social distancing, the last thing I heard, their office has had no one since early May or late April. They just got back to playtesting the 2D20 RPG, but the bulk of their office staff won’t be getting back to work until sometime this month (August). A person can design things at home, but until you get other eyeballs on it face to face to playtest, it’s unreleasable. They’ve got a lot more stuff than I knew about coming out for the rest of the year if there are no other unforeseen problems. Physical products got severely hampered. They had plans for monthly releases, but when stores are closed for months and their income shut off during the closure, that delays things like a domino effect.
Enclave was on the slate for last month or this month. They did some restructuring to their release schedule and added some things to the Enclave wave, so Mirelurks are coming out this month instead and the Enclave (and other stuff) wave is coming in September. I’m sure Wave 5 and 6 were slated for September and December, but got knocked back. Knowing Chris and his bunch, they have even more stuff up their sleeve.

Well not entirely an “Alliance problem” since they have had nearly everything on order from Modiphius since the beginning of the year. I expect that Modiphius has been having supply chain issues almost since the inception of this game based on the releases and clearly the pandemic has added to that.

However, Alliance recently received (as did my local store) the releases from Jan-March of this year in finally earlier this week. They are still waiting for the Brotherhood releases from June as well as some older stuff like Sentry Bots, Deathclaws, some terrain sets and Behemoths.

I too have a “preorder” from March through my FLGS (who goes through Alliance) that I’m still waiting for. They actually called the other day and asked if I wanted to credit it toward something else as its been so long; I politely declined. Hang in there, I’m sure they’ll catch us up as fast as they can. :smiley:

Same issues with Golden Distribution. They only just got the vault dwellers and the set Nick Valentine is in.

I wonder if the Mirelurks are still going to happen this month. At least their preorder page says so, but the radiosilence lately is not very encouraging.

If not, wonder which comes first: Enclave or Mirelurks?


Hard to say. They’re saying “Mid August” on the on the store listings. That’s the last I’ve heard from anywhere too. I’m operating under the impression that the date still stands, but one way or another we should know in the next couple of weeks.

No Fallout release last month, so I’d be pretty surprised if they didn’t have something this month. There’s a lot of people interested in the Enclave, so I’m sure they want to get it out as badly as the rest of us want to see it. I have quite a bit of money sat aside for Enclave right now. If they release this month, great. If not, then I might spend a bit more of it on some of the other games I play. Last month’s hobby budget got spent on other games when they didn’t release the Enclave. This month, . . . . well, I over spent a bit last month so this month’s hobby budget is a bit smaller. :flushed:

It would be really nice to receive an update on everything, and on the grounds that other projects are still seeing updates, I suspect that things are on schedule still.

I read on the Wasteland Warfare reddit that the current official info on the Enclave release is “shipping in October, release in November” if that is of any help to anyone.

Kind of an odd way or phrasing that, . . . Maybe they mean “Preorder in October with release in November”?

Either way, it’s nice to know something, even if it doesn’t tell us a lot.

I am guessing you’re talking about this post over on reddit?

bobthegoldfish Modiphius Staff

It’s been bumped back slightly due to the ongoing Corona kerfuffle.

Current plan is that we ship the Enclave in October, with a November release.

There might be an early set but can’t make any promises yet.

This year really has been destroyed, planning wise :frowning:

I just wish they were a little better about keeping us all up to date. Maybe a weekly announcement over on the store to update the release schedule, mention delays with explanations (Seriously, we can forgive a LOT so long as we know what’s happening.), schedule adjustments, and upcoming releases. It doesn’t have to be a lot, just something to let us know what’s going on.

Yes, that’s the post.

I think they mean “shipping” as in “shipping the physical product to warehouses / retailers all over the world” and then “releasing” as in “yeah, you can buy it now”.

PS: I really assume that it’s a bit slow right now because of the general chaos in the world right now. Product support and vision for the product seem to be fine!

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I agree. The initial rollout of the game was a bit rocky, but otherwise they’ve really knocked things out of the park. The last few months, delays are completely understandable, and so long as they keep us posted on what’s going on, I’ll forgive a lot.

I know one reason for not giving updates, at least based on where i work, is that if you give new info and then those plans fail again your making one disappointment into two or more.


They don’t have to give us every detail, just once every couple of weeks if they would pop in to say “These items are still on track for their scheduled release” and “These items are experiencing delays due to shipping/lack of manpower in the warehouse/printing issues/covid/etc. Sorry about any inconveniences, we’ll keep you posted as things develop.”

But then I’m the kind of person who would rather have a hard truth than be left in the dark.

I agree that an occasional update on release timelines would be nice. I had interpreted what they previously said about the Enclave as they would be available for pre-order in August, the pre-orders would be shipping in October and they would be available at retail in November.

it really makes a lot of sense there would be delays and less communication right now, with the global health crisis, and the necessities and making it through right now, they’re probably stretched pretty thin, it’s probably unrealistic to expect any sort of regular updates at a high degree of frequency.

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I’m the same way. Overall, I think the Modiphius team has been well ahead of the industry curve for communications but I’d never be upset with more of it. Even if it isn’t great news and I won’t see Hellfire armor on my table top for another three+ months.

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To all people yearning for more communication:

Today I received a Modiphius-news-roundup via email newsletter and although I could not yet spot any Fallout in it, it was chock full of information on future release-plans.

An apparently it will be very frequent! The email says “weekly” so I think there is good reason to be optimistic. Weekly would be…very often :smiley:

PS: Did not see this on my first read. It says "Fallout Wasteland Warfare Mirelurk pre-orders begin shipping early next week. "

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I was just coming over here to mention just that Historiker having just read the newsletter about the Mirelurks shipping. Maybe next week we will have some news about the Enclave pre-orders.

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