Waiting on Modiphius? Chin up!

Ok, so before anyone accuses me of being an employee, sponsored, or some kind of shill for Modiphius, I’m not.

But I know a lot of us are still waiting on Modiphius for various things. Whether it’s our entire pre-order, replacement dice, just the terrain expansion (which is what I’m waiting on), or whatever and it can feel frustrating. You may even feel like slinging mud at Modiphius for failing to live up to expectations at launch. And if that’s what you feel you have to do, it is what it is I guess.

But as someone who has backed multiple Kickstarter campaigns and various other pre-order products, I really don’t think the launch of Wasteland Warfare has been that bad. Yes, there have been some mistakes, but relative to a lot of the debacles that I’ve unfortunately had to wade through, things are happening!

Just keep in mind the following:

  1. We all know that the game is actually being produced, and most of us actually have our copies. For years, those of us who backed Myth wondered whether or not the huge sums of money for pledges were ever going to amount to anything getting produced. Like…at all. Nobody has to worry about that here. We all know the game is actually getting made and shipping, albeit late to many who pre-ordered.

  2. We are still in the realm of orders being shipped out a few months late rather than years. This is actually pretty standard for most crowdfunded games. I know WW wasn’t crowd-funded, but it was still subject to most of the same unpredictable variables that a typical Kickstarter is when trying to estimate a deliver date.

  3. The rules of the game actually work, and they work well. No, they aren’t perfect, but they are nowhere near broken. Again, it’s nothing like Myth was upon release where you couldn’t even play the game in a comprehensible way and entire mechanics were just completely missing from the rules. The v1.0 rules are actually pretty good and have only needed very minor clarifications here and there.

  4. Modiphius and the games’ designer have been very responsive post-release. More than most games. I can’t remember the last time I posted rules questions for a game this big and got answers directly from the designer within hours 80% of the time. I’ve actually never seen anything like it, other than homebrew games that have very tiny communities.

  5. The components are every bit as excellent as advertised. Yes, one of the manufacturers screwed up the blue dice, and there are physical differences between the cards that were printed by different manufacturers. But the build quality of the components are excellent and the models are every bit as amazing as we had hoped.

I know most of us are die-hard Fallout fans that have huge hopes for this game. So sometimes we can get a little overly defensive when things don’t turn out exactly how we wanted them to, because we are all so passionate about Fallout. And I’m NOT saying that it’s frowned upon to call out mistakes made by Modiphius or even complain about them. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Just try to keep in mind that you ARE going to get your stuff, it IS going to be fantastic, Modiphius IS supporting the game, and Wasteland Warfare DOES have a bright future. We have two more waves coming next year, and that’s just stuff that we know about.

Now when the hell is my Myth pledge ever going to show up…sigh


None of the process has been “perfect” but the level of transparency from the team has really been amazing, and I wish half of the Kickstarters I’ve been involved in would have been from companies that kept me update like Big Mo has on the pre-orders. I’ve received both of my orders with only one mistake (terminals in the radioactive containers packaging, which I’m not at all upset about) and the quality of each piece, including the minor warping in my starter set, has still been light years beyond what some companies have delivered.

I’m not going to be an apologist or offer any excuses for anyone - that’s not my place. I will say that I went fairly conservative on Wave 1, planning on filling out the collection as I went, but for Wave 2 (assuming most of the hiccups are ironed out), and for waves beyond that, I’m going all-in from the get-go.

Not a lot of table top games that I can get the wife excited about, but after one tutorial scenario, she’s pestering me on the regular to play, and now I have friends that aren’t even gamers that want to try it out thanks to my Facebook posting. Get all the manufacturing, quality control, and shipping issues to a bare minimum & this game is going to be a hugely popular hit.

-is waiting patiently to order more robots and creatures-


Yeah after years of dealing with games workshops lack of communication it’s really nice to have issues openly discussed and questions answered.


This is the first tabletop miniature game if really wanted to play. I’m definately new to the miniature world. But, that being said I have nothing but love for what this company is doing and I agree with you on every level.

Good morning, September 25
I placed the order # 85685 and I still see Fulfillment Status: unfulfilled. Is there a problem with the order?

Whatever the actual status of your order, disregard the Fulfillment Status in your order It’s never worked properly. My Star Trek stuff I bought and received over a year ago is still “unfulfilled”.

We’re having that. Thanks!

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Very bad, When I paid on the web (september, 25 ) the robots, this was said:


Now it results that It is out of stock and nothing is Known:

"Good afternoon

The items are currently out of stock, and we are waiting for them to come back into stock. Once they do we will send them your way. Please bear with us.


Customer Support"

I will cancel the order by paypal for deceiving me and preorders with Modhipius never again…very bad joke.