Modiphius Support for Fallout lagging?

So do folks feel that Modiphius’s support for this game may be beginning to decline? I say this due to several factors:

  1. Releases have gone from monthly to every few months
  2. The d20 playtest has dropped into a state of limbo
  3. Some promised things like the stats/scenario for Liberty Prime has been “coming soon” for like a year now.
  4. They seem to post here in the forums much more rarely than they used to.
  5. Not that it matters to me personally but the frequent STL releases seem to have stopped or at least slowed way down.
  6. The Development Blog has not been updated in nearly 10 months with anything new.

Now these are just trends that we have been noticing in my gaming group and some of them may have been induced by the pandemic. However, one would assume that there would be more time for things like the Liberty Prime stuff and Blog entries with the stay at home orders and such.

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Given the timing I think there’s a strong likelihood that it’s connected more to the public health crisis more than anything else. Of course it is possible that becomes a whole lotta straw which eventually breaks the horses back - or it could just be that the epidemic stalls things for a few years. I think we won’t really know until after a vaccine is developed and the dust settled.

To be fair though I think it makes sense the situation would have this kind of effect.


I’ve noticed the same things as you, Everyman, but although a skeptic myself, I tend to agree with Proxy’s supposition, but with the added caveat - Modiphius is a great company, but a small one. They’ve got a lot of projects on their plate, and Fallout is but one of them. With supply from China being interrupted by the pandemic, and I have no idea as far as working conditions in their part of the UK, my gut says they’re doing their best with what they have.

Fallout 2D20 has likely been sidelined due to an existing product line; with limited resources I’m guessing they are concentrating on new lines rather than one that some customers are going to respond with “but I already have a Fallout RPG”

I believe we were promised scenarios for Liberty Prime, not full on stats - please correct me if I’m wrong. Regardless this takes resources and playtesting away from other products; a luxury I doubt they can spare at the moment. People are buying this gorgeous model regardless, so from a business stance… We’ll just have to be patient.

I think the STLs were rushed out give players something in the wake of uncertainty, and for them to continue to generate revenue when supply of physical product was very uncertain. No doubt more are coming, but with supply starting to resume, again I would guess its no longer a priority.

As far as I can see they are selling this line faster than they can get it to market, so I very much doubt they are intentionally neglecting it. Give them the benefit of the doubt for now, they are still giving us new content (STLs, PDFs, Mirelurks, the app) when many other businesses have shut down entirely in this strange new world!


I have only just now started playing Fallout and just recently joined this forum, so I can’t comment on whether the intensity of company communication is still the same but I doubt that Fallout as a game system will slowly fade as the IP seems to be getting stronger by the minute (with the big TV Series just being announced, wich will probably lead up to a new game).

That being said I would assume that once the global situation looks a bit better we will see more activity in regards to the game. It’s a very difficult time right now, especially for smaller companies. Here’s to hoping that we will all see better times soon!

Personally I these days often find so little time for gaming that quarterly releases might even be preferred to monthly stuff but I absolutely understand that people want to see more awesome new stuff more frequently. I for example can’t wait for the New Vegas stuff to arrive and would love some news in regards to that :slight_smile:

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I tend to agree with you Korbyyn that much is likely pandemic related but I do hope that they do not have too many “irons in the fire” with so many games going to divide their attention. I guess that my group is just anxious for news on “what’s next”, which used to be more frequent. Hopefully, we see the pre-order for the Enclave stuff next week to tie everyone over for a little while at least. However, some new Blog entries would still be appreciated.

I’ll give you that point, i’d love to see some updates on what’s the plans, even tentative ones that may not come to fruition any time soon (The Master…)

Also, and again I know it’s now prohibitive due to resources/pandemic, but just in case they read these, more Lets Play episodes would be great! Although other independent parties try, Modiphius’s are still the most accurate and entertaining videos I have been able to find.

the development blog was moved to here:

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Nice to know that they are still posting some kind of blogs but I do miss the ones that actually previewed what is come. These newer ones read more like newsletter type entries with information about recent releases and battle reports.

Currently the release line is lagging behind so not much to say on the future which is quite possibly December at the current rate.


As many people mentioned above, the pandemic has understandably caused issues. With manufacturing, distribution and retail closed, the ability to make and sell product was removed too. However, Fallout is definitely still a major focus. Whilst most of Modiphius’s staff were furloughed for several months, myself (game designer) and many of the model sculptors and layout team have been working away.

Rest assured there are multiple major products (not just new models) that have been completed. I wish I could tell you about them as there are some very exciting, new and big additions to the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare game, and I look forwards to sharing info on them when able. I’m not sure what the impact on the schedule will be - like most people globally, it is hard to know (and I’m not part of the scheduling team) - but they will be released as soon as possible.

So bear with us - great things are already complete and are coming.


Chris (owner of Modiphius) mentions a few details of some of the new products in this recent podcast interview. (I think this is the first time they’ve been mentioned.) Check out from 1h00m for those, but you may find the full interview interesting too.


To add to what James said I was also off work for about four months this past year and many of us at my work weren’t certain if we would still have jobs after July 01, but I returned to work as of the first of this month and we’ll be working through until at least November. There’s a lot of uncertainty at this time, but there’s also a lot of people working to make the best of it and to be able to be ready once things get back to normal eventually.

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Sorry to double post here, but something else I also found is there’s a lot of work being done to create an effective vaccine to counter the coronavirus. There’s still a lot of uncertainty of course, no one quite knows what will work or how long it will take to figure it out and produce it in sufficient quantities, but we’ve been making progress as far as we can tell.

for all we know by this time next year we may be thanking our friends in the UK for making awesome minis and for having clever healthcare professionals.

Thanks for the link to the podcast James. It was good to hear about some forth coming stuff.

Hopefully, you guys can get production back on track soon since I know that my local gaming store is still waiting for most of the releases from this year (since they get their stock from the wholesaler Alliance Games, who have apparently been waiting for a shipment for some time)

I have 2 game stores in my area (USA) and

1 store has some fallout product but there is no interest in it

The other store just received elder scrolls product and there is some excitement for it but warhammer seems to have a stranglehold on these types of games

Need some marketing or promotions over here as these are great franchises and both are quality products

Advice-free rpg day is a great way of getting noticed and also a true rpg of fallout would add fresh
Meat into basically a mostly fantasy dungeons and dragons Style (YouTube is still cranking out tons of remote gaming so COVID can be neutralized and it’s basically free advertising)

I think they’re a bit overwhelmed. I’ve sent help requests in the past and have always heard back quickly. I sent one out. I sent out a message asking how to get the Mirelurk cards, it took much longer to hear back from them than usual, and I don’t think they really looked at my request for help because they just told me to download it from the downloads page, . . . . which doesn’t have a download for Mirelurks, . . .

Oh well, I sent a reply, and hopefully they’ll have cards for sale sooner rather than later at which point it becomes a non-issue. Right now, I just want to see what the cards look like, if there’s just stock versions of each critter, or if there’s alternate versions and/or additional cards to go with the creature cards.

Wickedcool, yeah around here WH40k is still the top wargame played at the local stores but at least one of the stores around here has a pretty loyal and growing group of Fallout players. However, since they have been having trouble getting restocked from Alliance Distributors and have not gotten any of the wave three stuff in at all, it is rather hurting support for the game. Of course the pandemic closing down the in-store gaming did not help matters. Hopefully, Modiphius manages to get their production supply straightened out and get some product out to Alliance soon.

Gatekeeper, since I am not sure how much we can say about actual stats on the cards I will leave that till you manage to get your hands on some but I will say that I was a bit disappointed myself that there were no alternate versions like soft shelled or glowing. I suppose that it is possible that they are simply not in the download and will actually appear in the card set though. It would be nice to know before mine arrive and I have to decide on paint schemes though.

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I figure I wouldn’t be playing them until after the models arrive anyway. Mostly I’m just curious.

I sort of hoped that they have a Mirelurk, Sortshell Mirelurk, and Glowing Mirelurk card since those are simple paint scheme variants. The Razorclaw and Bloodrage variants are different enough that they justify their own unique model though. Hard to say what they’ll end up doing in the long run, but I’ll be hoping they release variant cards moving forward. Regardless, I have a total of 10 Mirelurks coming, so I have every intention of painting a Glowing variant as well as some Softshells, just for the visual variation on the table if nothing else.

Who knows, maybe they’ll do a second wave of Mirelurks to include Kings, Razorclaws, and Bloodrages?

On a little side note. I received the download link to the Mirelurk cards this morning. There are a few small surprises in the bundle, but most of it is about what I would have expected.

The Mirelurk cards for download include all the relevant ones from the Wave 4 card deck. These are the ones that will be released for free too. There is a separate card deck coming around the time of Wave 4 too called Denizens of the Wasteland - it’s the creature equivalent of the Automatron deck for Robots. It contains lots of Perks and Mods for Creatures so you can have your Creature Controller and their force reach their full potential. The Denizens deck does include a Softshell Mirelurk Unit card and some other Creature variants too. (No Glowing Mirelurk though.)