Is a release date for Conan the Wanderer PDF?

Looking for a timeline to buy Conan the Wanderer PDF.

Closest you will find is on the conan kickstarter page.

It is out! So excited! :slight_smile:


I went to Modiphius’ website to buy a copy of Conan the Wanderer and I saw there was no physical copies for sale. I know that because of the current lockdown their warehouses are closed. Still I have two questions:

  1. If I order Conan the Wanderer will the pdf count as a discount when I’ll order the real book?

  2. On a slightly similar note, I’d like to order ST:A Delta quadrant: should I order the pdf and wait til the lockdown is over to order a hard copy or should I order the hard copy upfront, download the pdf files and wait until I receive the hard book version?

why can’t I buy this sourcebook?

Very good question! It seems that the book has been taken down from the store… I hope this is unintentional mistake while the store has been updated… :open_mouth:

I hope that’s the case I’ve been looking for this source material for quite a while

@Modiphius-SteveH The Wanderer PDF seems to have dissipated from the store, any idea why?

thats what I’m trying to find out. I need that sourcebook

there updating it and gonna re-release it in about 6 weeks according to support center

This has to be a major update (or even rewrite) if they had to remove it from the shop.

I wonder what is the nature of the update and reason behind… and whether it will be reflected in the print versions

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I’ve already bought the book in pdf when it came out.
I hope that the update on drivethrurpg will be supported.
I hope that the Martial Arts talent are revised because they are not very clear.
Some of them are underpowered compared to others.
It would be cool to add some new weapons:
Rope Dart
Meteor Hammer
Tree section staff
Chain Whip

I frankly do not understand what was not “inclusive and welcoming” in Wanderer…this game is supposed to be true to something written by a Texan author in the 1930s…I mean, there was nothing in Wanderer which looked to be too “offensive” for Asians (if the offense was from an ethnic point of view), but maybe I’m wrong and cannot grasp it (since I’m European).

It would be nice if Modiphius tell us what is changed, since I frankly liked Wanderer.

Perhaps some people who believe that they are extremely progressive thought that the description of the different people is full of clichés and thus automatically racist.

This constant cry for inclusivity makes every single setting which is either based on literature or historical eras impossible. Before we know it completely harmless books will be banned because they are not “inclusive and welcoming” enough.

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I think it depends on whether the setting is historical or fictional.

Conan is obviously a fictional setting, and I believe fictional settings have to be adjusted with the times. In my opinion being non-racist/inclusive outweighs being faithful to the source material. And Conan is a difficult setting in that regard. In its core, it is racist, but nevertheless it is beloved by many. So it’s a difficult line to walk.

Historical settings are another thing. You can’t change history, but you can explain what it is about. In Deadlands for example, the book explains setting-specific racism and slavery and how the GM may or may not handle it.


Sorry, but this is simply wrong. Why? Imagine the outcry of the fans if you change the source material just to appease some activists.

This is a fad like rewriting novels (or renaming things like streets and buildings) because the meaning of some words have changed. I hope that the people who demand this realize the folly of it and that they are not better than those who they are fighting against.

This is blind activism and achieves nothing!

There is really something wrong if we have to dicuss whether the presentation of fictional(!!!) people is racist or not.


This has already happened countless times. And I’m not talking about appeasing “some activists” by gender-swapping Conan or something, but there are tweaks you can do.

Take Star Trek for example. In TOS, women wore miniskirts. This has been changed in TNG onwards because it was sexist. It does not change the Star Trek universe as a whole, its just a tweak for the modern times.

Another example is Nick Fury from the Marvel comics. Traditionally white, but now black. Does that cause an outcry of the fanbase? I don’t think so.

Or take everyday items. In Germany, we have chocolate-coated marshmallow treats (I know you speak German so you know what I mean). Their traditional name included a derogatory term for a black person. Now they are called “chocolate kiss”. This is just an example of how names have to evolve with time.

Sure the world is fictional. But not really though, because it is clearly modeled after the real world. You don’t have Orcs or Andorians, you have humans with white and black skin.

I totally understand where you are coming from and I’m not saying that Conan is bad or evil. It’s a product of its time, and I think Modiphius has done a fine job so far trying to show all of the Conan cultures equally multifaceted. So it’s of course just speculation that such a controversy could have befallen Conan the Wanderer.

Sorry, but you are wrong, because today the situation is worse than even ten years ago! Or even five years ago!

The reason was not the sexism of the TOS uniform, but the fashion had changed. They had miniskirts in the first season of TNG!

There was, but it was dimished because of the popular actor who played him. But that was only an exception in most cases casting a person of colour in the role of a traditionally white character leads to a massve outcry!

And that happened because they now consider the terms “Neger” and “Mohr” racist although it originally was not.
The means of words is constantly shifting, and that’s the reason renaming things just because a part of the name is now considered racist or sexist etc. is simply dumb.

But these people are still fictional! And even RPGs with orcs have the problem that those overeager activist consider the fact that orcs, goblins etc. are generally evil racist! And that’s what I meant!

I agree that Modiphius did a great job. So the big question is what the hell happened that this particular book had to be revised?

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It is still missing and silence from Modiphius… At least the initial PDF is available and comparisons will be made.