Dune Product Wishlist

As Niccolo Machiavelli probably would have said, it’s better to have a bad reputation than no reputation at all.

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Listen to good old Niccolo…

Up to date list with links direct to the Modiphius store (.net site) all in one place.
Now includes all the released pdf Adventures.

Dune Corebook (Base, Collectors & Imperial editions)
GM Screen/Toolkit (Screen & GM Tips)
Sand & Dust (Arrakis Sourcebook)
Agents of Dune (Roleplay Campaign Experience AKA Super Starter Set)
4 sets of dice (Arrakis, Spice, Harkonnen & Atreides)
Masters of Dune (Multi-chapter, non-linear campaign book both on and off Arrakis. Follows on from Agents of Dune, but it is not a pre-requisite)
The Great Game: Houses of the Landsraad (House management & expansion book. Expanded rules for the Spacing Guild & 18 Houses detailed. Lots of cool artwork)
Power & Pawns: The Emperor’s Court (Politics & High level characters, Ginaz, Sarduakar, etc…)
Asset Cards (Agent & Architect assets)

Wormsign Quickstart (Free Quickstart and introduction adventure)
Desertfall (As part of the initial team on Arrakis the players must make sure the residency is safe for their House)
Time Becomes a Narrow Door (A debt owed. A missing heir. A new cult rising in the desert, a delicate path must be walked)
Desert Flower (An exhibition on Arrakis by a famous artist, what could possibly go wrong?)
Kernels of Doubt (Plots within plots continue to unravel until the truth or a vindictive lie is recorded in the annals of the Landsraad)
Shaitan’s Bargain (House Harkonnen has called for agents, but whose side will you really stand on?)
Coriolis Storm (Responding to an emergency request from a remote weather station, but is the storm really the threat?)

Starter Set (Standard Starter set designed to bring new players in with something for the experienced players as well)

Hinted, but no confirmations
Bene Gesserit book (Waiting until after the TV Series)
Meta Currency tokens (Nothing confirmed yet. Possibly poker chips or smaller plastic ones with House symbols. But still at In-House discussion level)
Era Books (New books will cover time periods other than the Imperium Era)

Currently ruled out
Miniatures (Never say never, but not on the cards at the moment. With CMONs board game Kickstarter even less likely)
Skirmish Game (Would require a re-work of license/new license. Unlikely, but again things can change if Modiphius thinks there is a viable market)
Spacing Guild Book (They had a write up in the Great Game so unlikely to get their own book any time soon)
Tarot Deck (Might need a rework of the license)


Any confirmation of upcoming books or supplements, say within the next 6 months? Particularly since the second installment of the movie is set to screen in March 2024…

Also, if the Sisterhood TV series is further delayed, any chance of a Bene Gesserit book coming out sooner?

Waiting on new books is the mind-killer

We have 2 new products that are due out at some point, though with no specific timescales.
I would assume they would tie into the release of Dune part 2, but with it’s shifting timetable nothing is certain.

  • New starter set. A slimmed down version, probably won’t have the full rulebook, but not many details.

  • Adventure Compendium Vol 1. We only have an image from twiter/X user SecretsOfDune. I expect it is a physical book of the pdf adventures, but it may have new adventures in.
    Also a Vol 1 assumes there will be more in the series.

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I know Andy commented months ago that this cycle of core books covers the base Dune Imperial ERA game but I still feel that without deeper rules for Bene Gesserits and Mentats that we are actually NOT complete. Once deeper rules for those two schools are out then I think Dune has a complete Core product that can comfortably move onto another era of play.

It’s unfortunate that the Dune Movie continues to move around making things difficult for the products supporting it. I feel like the RPG has taken the biggest brunt of that whereas other games like Dune Imperium, the board game have thrived despite that.

If in fact the BG book is waiting on the show then my theory is that it has very specific information that ties so much into the show that they are too intertwined to have just be released now. I just can’t imagine if that wasn’t the case that the book would just be held back just because of the show. It just doesn’t benefit the RPG as a whole to hold the book back for that reason in my opinion.

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Mentats less so, but I fully agree with you on the Bene Gesserit.

I wouldn’t be in the slightest bit surprised if Legendary had an embargo on certain information being released before it came out in the films/shows. So in the case of the BG, they may have instructed Modiphius to hold off until Dune: Sisterhood is ready.
They are always going to prioritise them over the Board/Computer/Roleplaying games. :pensive:

The other possibility is if Legendary are being very cautious with releasing information between their partners and Modiphius doesn’t want to put anything in that might contradict the show. The BG book is going to have to go into a fair amount of detail about the founding of the Order, the exact period that Dune: Sisterhood covers.

The problem that Modiphius (Or any RPG Company really) has with external IPs is that they are reliant very much on the IP holder. I saw similar things with Infinity & Star Trek Adventures with delays (and frustrated Games Developers) due to the IP holder just not signing things off in a timely manner.

I’m really curious when they’re going to expand into the offer eras.

I’m not a fan of the BH/KJA books, but there’s no question that the Butlerain Jihad era and aftermath is incredibly fertile ground for an RPG and it supports pretty much any style of campaign you could want, from big loud space opera to high level politics to espionage thriller, and everything in between.”

And the same goes for the Heretics/Chapterhouse era; there are so many new factions and new powers/technologies springing up, the possibilities for campaigns are limitless.

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We did expand Mentats a little in Power and Pawns and we’ll probably come back to them again later on.
We’re not able to do a BG book at the moment but trust me, we really want to do one! We can’t really discuss that beyond saying we’re currently unable to do so, but it is on the list.


Power and Pawns has quite a few new juicy Mentat/Twisted Mentat talents.
I especially love the one that lets the Mentat purge themselves of a specific emotion.

I ordered ‘Dune: Desert Planet - Adventure Compendium Vol 1’ and was pleasantly surprised that the PDF was already available after purchase. You might want to update the blurb in the store to reflect that.

I wasn’t as pleasantly surprised that the shipping costs to my part of the world were more than my purchase, but it’s not like I’m going to wait for a local gaming store to stock it, is it now?

You and your clever traps!

Very sorry to hear the Guild charges you higher rates, but glad to hear you are enjoying the book :slight_smile:

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