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Alaiteir's painted minis

Oooh, that’s coming along great! Look forward to seeing more :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I’ll make sure to keep this page updated, hopefully I’ll be on to painting soon!

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So I’ve been working a bit more on the building, but with the release of Nick Valentine, a 20% discount code, and an excuse to spend time modelling, I thought I’d treat myself to an unusually large purchase. If anyone has any questions about any of the minis, or would like me to do a ‘review’ type post going through them I’d be happy to, but otherwise don’t want to spam too much :slight_smile:


Finished up the chryslus corvega :slight_smile: Not my best painting, but not bad I think, and good enough to get it on the table. Main thing I wanted to try with it was painting reflections on the window, to see if it would look any better than the black windows on the studio model


These look excellent! The job on the rust is absolutely perfect.

I quitr like the reflection, reminds me of an Australian wasteland, straight out of Mad Max!

I’ll be looking to do something similar to mine, did you use any washes perchance or just base colours and then applied rust effects?

It looks fantastic!

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Thanks! :smiley:

No washes in this case, since on larger surfaces I’ve found they tend to pool and not work so well. For the rust I used a bit of sponge (torn off from a regular dish sponge) dipped in different shades of brown (ranging from dark brown, to quite a bright almost orange brown) that was then wiped on a paper towel until there was almost no paint left. Some areas were lightly dabbed, but mostly I stroked it against the surface in a particular direction to get the desired streak effects :slight_smile:

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I like it! Your windows I better reflect the process of glass hydration which create a “foggy” semi-transparent surface and which should be evident on 200 years old windows.

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Well, that is all kinds of awesome! Love the reflections and the rust, fantastic work :smiley:

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@robhistory Thanks! I confess I didn’t know about glass hydration, but I’m glad it’s come out that way! :slight_smile:

@Info_Overload Thankyou! :smiley:

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Finished the first of my Synths! These were really beautiful models, they had so much detail on them. I also loved the colours on them in game (Fallout 4’s colour palette in general was amazing I thought), so hopefully I’ve done these miniatures justice :slight_smile:


Those look great! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

I agree, the color sceme of Fallout 4 is fantastic. It’s really stands out among other video games nowaday and it’s certainly an upgrade on Fallout 3s murky filters.

Your synths represent that and you really made all that detail on them stand out, because it’s painted so cleanly!

Bratwurst und Döner!

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Thankyou! :smiley:

Finished the Institute scientist!

Also had a go at taking a scenic shot of some Brotherhood of Steel, cautiously approaching some unwary raiders


He’s looking cool :slight_smile:

Always love seeing the scenic shots :+1:

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Can I ask what color/brand you used for the radiation suit. Your painting skills are impressive

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@Info_Overload Thanks! They take time to set up and do properly, but they’re fun and I love the results :slight_smile:

@Wickedcool Thankyou! I personally use Citadel (GamesWorkshop), but other brands (Greenstuff World, Vallejo, Army Painter) should work well. In terms of the specific colours, I used a roughly 60/40 mix of Lothern Blue and Skarsnik Green (a kind of ice-y pale blue, and a duck egg green) for the main suit, and pure Skarsnik Green for the gloves. I sprayed a black undercoat first, then did two thin coats of the main colour, before washing with Nuln Oil (a black wash). I then used Lahmian Medium (an acrylic paint thinner, essentially paint that doesn’t have pigment in it) to thin the mix of the main colour until it’s almost a glaze (halfway between a regular paint and a wash), and then lightly applied that over the model while leaving the darker colour in the recesses. I then mixed a bit of white into the glaze, and carefully blended it over the areas that would be most well lit (upper half of the torso, tops of the shoulders and head, and raised parts of the outfit) to give them the illusion of being brighter.

I realise that’s quite a lot of information, if you look at how this guy blends colour together in this video it might be easier :slight_smile: It takes practice, but I’m always happy to try and answer any questions if I can!

I like the faded teal color on the suit. Will have to steal that idea.

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Haha, go right ahead, I’m glad you like it!