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Abandoned Vault game table project WIP (updating)

Hello, all!
This thread is about a working on project of Abandoned Vault game table for FWW.
This project was started at the beginning of FWW Terrain Competition, but it is still unfinished, so i will post WIP here.
All comments are welcome and sorry for my English ))

A size of the Vault must be 3’x3’, it must be modifiable and created in style of Fallout 1&2 game, not modern one.
The floorplan of the original Vault is not fitted for 3’x3’ game table and it was rebuilt for FWW game mechanic.
So the table now have nine 12"x12" blocks:

  • entrance, with ballistic door, airlock and security post;
  • medical block, with quarantine room, autodock and surgery;
  • storage room;
  • living quarters with briefing room;
  • recreation and canteen;
  • workshop and arsenal;
  • generator and pump station;
  • command post;
  • security guard post and elevator to the all another levels of the Vault.

The top plan and 3d are here:

The 3D plan then was converted in blueprints for laser cutting and the table blocks were cut from HDF.

The 3d models of wall mounted elements like monitors, vents, air-conditioners, safes, removable panel, doors and windows faces was drawn as close to the original Fallout game concepts as possible for me and then printed in PVC.

The interior elements were partially made manually or buyed from here or there.

the table before painting are here:

now the first block in painting, so to be continued :slight_smile:


Wow, that is pretty awesome!
Looking forward to seeing more of your Vault.

Absolutely floored!!! This would blow my mind to be able to play on.

Hats off to you!!

Holy ■■■■ you crazy ■■■■■■■. That is awesome.

That looks amazing! Any chance of some more close up shots?

Well, that’s just 100% awesome! :smiley:
Looking forward to seeing more of this!

More detailed photos are here:

t11 t12


And more


My jaw. It’s on the floor.

That’s really incredible, really love seeing so much of that stuff in one place. Do all of the resin pieces come with the rooms?

Seriously, it is REALLY impressive seeing all of that set up. Love it.

All resin pieces on the walls was 3D printed for this project.
Chairs, boxes and lockers was taken from various online store.

Few photo with latest versions of the interior.


This whole thing is drool-worthy. Can’t wait to see some paint on it and eventually some pictures of games in progress!

I am really deep in envy… :):flushed:

I can place the source for much of your terrain, but may I ask where you got the showers and stacked bunk beds from?

The beds from Spartan games terrain set , as much as crates and lockers. If you know sourse of the crates and boxes, then you known where from this beds ))

And showers made from unnamed pipe connectors and polystyrene.

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First block wip


That looks amazing! Is it painted, or did you print off the patterns and stick them on? It looks brilliant either way :slight_smile:

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It is painted by brush and air )))


Wow. I really need to up my game on painting “rusty metal” surfaces!