Modular Vault I'm currently building

So I’ve been creating a modular vault I can put together in any order I want. I’ve also created a set of cards for the rooms and corridors so I can randomly generate the layout by selecting these. Posted the pics on Instagram but thought I should upload them here as well. It is a work in progress but this is it so far. Mostly built from foamcore card.


“Wow!” hardly does it justice.

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Thank you.

Another room for the vault.


This is so good i love it. Can i ask you what materials you used to make this particular room. I can see it being done mostly with cardboard,puff paint and small amount of wood based items for those stools. That intercom on the wall im clueless about. Whatever you did its great.

Great work! Looks like you have doors that can open and close which is an awesome touch! Keep it up