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SHD_Umbra's progress thread - Miniatures and Scenery

Hi everyone,

After purchasing the core set, I’ve been working on some cheap terrain to use on my gaming table in preparation for playing some games. So far I’ve made the Vault 111 silo entrance out of a paper plate and some card, a large building from foamcore, a Children of Atom shrine based around some sort of nuclear waste processor, some broken road pieces made from foamcore (designed to be modular), and a lot of scatter terrain/objective markers.

I’ll continue to add more progress photos as I go, but for now this is as far as I’ve gotten:


Yeah bruh digging it looks like your getting it …i need to work on some junk barricades and I saw some on fallout 3 I think I’m going to try I’ll post when I’m done with em

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Excellent work , i love this Vault entrance :+1:t2:
I bought the little one from Sarissa, but yours is ten times better !

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I’m working on some too - I’ve been using coffee stirrers to make large fences, then attacking them with whatever scraps I’ve got in my bits box. :slight_smile:

@Lien thank you! I’m hoping it’ll look a lot better once I’ve had time to paint it and add some static grass and such.

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A quick update for you guys! I started work on painting one of my TTCombat billboards yesterday. I got as far as the base colour and a first coat of rusting. Lots more to do on this, but I thought people might be interested in some pictures. :slight_smile:


A quick update for tonight - I’ve tweaked the thread title to make it more of a general progress thread, of scenery, models, etc.

Firstly, I’ll list the models that I have, and those that I have on order. So far, I’ve got:

The two player starter set
Minutemen Posse
Boston Companions
Super Mutant Behemoth

On order, I’ve got:

Super Mutant Core set
Brotherhood of Steel Core set
Sentry Bot

I bought the game to play with my wife, as we are both huge gamers and Fallout fans. Laura decided she wanted to collect the Brotherhood, and I was going to collect the Raiders, but as they aren’t coming just yet, I’ve thrown my lot in with the Super Mutants.

The Survivors are mainly there for any of our friends to use if they would like to learn the game, and to use as AI when playing co-operatively or solo.

I’m planning on collecting pretty much all the models, because they are fantastic collectors pieces as well as gaming miniatures, so I’m pretty happy with the game. I used to play GW games, so Modiphius’ ruleset encouraging us to collect everything and play together rather than against each other is a breath of fresh air. I’d always considered my wargaming days as done and gone, ne’er to return. But then along came Wasteland Warfare. :smiley:

I do love the Behemoth model, but I really want to go to town on it and turn it into something unique. Inspired by Swan from FO4, I’m thinking of giving my Behemoth his own personality displayed on his model.

I’ve ordered a lot of the City Scenics sets from TTCombat, including a lot of their resin detail kits. I plan on replacing the giant shopping trolley on the Behemoth’s back with an upside down porta-loo, and paint “waste” running down the Behemoth’s waistcloth :smiley:

He’s also getting a few more details, like road sign armour plates, a teddy bear on his belt, and a necklace made of traffic cones. :stuck_out_tongue:

One of my bald super mutants is also going to get a “lucky wizard’s hat” made from one of the traffic cones, and I’m thinking of giving one of my Brutes a stop sign battleaxe instead of a Sledgehammer.

Scenery wise, I’ve got the TTCombat ruined gas station, ruined Drive Thru, Distribution Centre and Porta-cabin to add to my scenery board.

Lots of work to do on the scenery before any of my models get painted.


I love the idea of a super mutant with a “lucky wizard hat” cone on his head

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Gandalf the Green.


Today’s efforts - Nuka Cola billboard. :slight_smile:


:+1:t2: the " rusty tile effect " is really good , very good job !

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Thanks, Lien. I’m hoping to improve it further with Pan Pastels. :slight_smile:

I had a nice relaxing afternoon today painting my vault entrance to a point I am happy with. I still need to add grass and bushes, and weather it with Pan Pastels. But for now it’s done. :slight_smile:



I’ve been busy playing the game, as well as Fallout 76 (not as bad as I’d been lead to believe).

I’ve been working on my gaming board, still a looooooong ways to go but it’s getting there:


Progress photos on my TTCombat ruined drive thru. Still a ways to go, but it’s getting there :slight_smile:



Really like the port-a-potty on the Behemoth’s back. Very nice.

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I didn’t notice that good catch.

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Thanks, guys. :smiley:

I’m trying to make my factions at least a little bit different to everyone elses, to give them my own personal touch.

For example, I decided to use the Super Mutant Master in the core set as a third Brute, as he does have a sledgehammer. So I took the super mutant with the board over his shoulder and cut off his pipe pistol, and did a hand swap for the Master model to take off his shorty hunting rifle.

That left me with a bit of a predicament, as the master model is significantly bigger than the board mutant, so I couldn’t just put the hunting rifle hand back on the other model, as such, I decided to make the one with the board my Master model instead, and figured therefore he’d need to look suitably different. So I came up with a little bit of a backstory for him:

In the streets close to Hubris Comics, there was once a billboard advertising the latest issue of Grognak the Barbarian: “Grognak versus the Mighty Wizard”.

The artwork showed Grognak on the ground, his axe knocked aside. Towering over him, the titular villain, bedecked in robes and a large pointed hat, a wizards staff crackling with energy levelled at the hero.

Over the years the billboard suffered from the elements of the nuclear wasteland, and eventually the title was damaged, until it simply read "…the Mighty Wiz…"

One day, a particularly thuggish and equally stupid Super Mutant saw the billboard and wanted to emulate this Mighty Wizard. After all, he was defeating the puny human in combat.

And so, finding his own hat and staff, the Super Mutant began to call himself Wiz the Mighty.

Who would argue with him, he was a Master, after all?

So here he is - Wiz the Mighty, Super Mutant Master. Weapons are a minigun and a stop sign battleaxe. :smile:


Back to the Behemoth for a second: One thing I thought may be worth mentioning is that you can find cheap chain in the costume jewelry section of most any hobby store. It may look better with a couple of chains or ropes around it to show how it’s fastened to his back.

With your Master, looking really good. The mini-gun looks really good, and I love the stop sign axe. Might want to think about a chin strap of some form so that traffic cone doesn’t fall off his head though. :wink:


Gatekeeper - I’ve got some already, I’m just pondering what else to do to him before I add the chains. I’m in two minds about giving him some meat bags and armour and such.

The chin strap is a great idea. I’m planning on using epoxy putty to give my Nate model raider cage armour, so I’ll add a chin strap to my list of things to sculpt. :smiley:


Glad I could be of service then.

For the armor, I’ve been toying around with the idea of adding either a car door or a manhole cover as a makeshift shield for one of my Behemoths.

I’ve been looking at ways to make one of my two Behemoths stand out a bit from the other. I’m thinking pretty hard about removing the fire hydrant from one, then replacing it either with some form of ball on chain, or maybe a telephone pole. I love the fire hydrant, and thought it was a really neat idea the first time they did it in the game, but it got old quick and I always felt they should have done a few alternates.

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