Wronghand's Wasteland Warriors Miniatures Progress thread(With pretty Pictures!)

Just a place to put photos of my work so far. I usually post to the Fallout FB group, but I’m posting here as well for those who don’t overlap.

I do not have my Resin Starter Set, so I will paint whatever I could get from the Core Boxes that meet the needs of the starter set, and I will probably paint a few PVC models to cover things I can’t get yet. But enough yapping; Pics!



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Thanks for the poat and sharing the well painted figs. I’m greatly impressed with the jeans. Its hard to paint jeans to read like worn denim and not just blue pants. You succeeded.

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My personal tip is don’t paint “blue” jeans, paint Grey jeans(if you zenithal prime like I do, this is part of the process and therefore real easy). Then just use a thinned blue glaze over the pants, and it will look like denim. Only Vault-suits are painted blue. :smiley:

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I love how you’ve managed to capture all the little details, particularly on the weapons and faces! May I ask, how did you got such smooth shading/lighting, like on the super mutant’s bare stomach?

These look really good! (I like what I can see of the game mat as well, care telling me where you got it from?)

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The mat is the Neoprene one that comes with the Red Rocket Scenic Kit.

I use an airbrush to apply a zenithal primer, which is priming all black, then applying grey primer from a downward angle mimicking sunlight, followed by a white primer from directly above. I use Vallejo primer, thinned to an almost water consistency, then “spritzed” onto the model. Once that is done I take three paints: A dark Olive green, a mid-tone Olive green, and a highlight Olive green( Reaper Paints are usually provided in “triads” like this, it makes this step easier) I then thin the paints to an almost glaze consistency and wash over the parts that match the “brightness” of the paint closest. If part of the miniature is still mostly black, I usually don’t paint over it and leave it alone as a shadow.

The best part of these Resin casts is that there is so much detail if you keep your paint and primer thin enough throughout the process you don’t really need to paint too much. It really is just letting the airbrush do the heavy lifting of deciding where the shadows and light go, and just shifting the color enough to look right. it makes the model look desaturated and almost like watching a “colorized” old black and white film. It’s not a great look for GW style miniatures but I think it’s spot on for Fallout. :slight_smile:

Ah that’s funny, spent the last 4 days staring at that mat, didn’t even notice I like it so much. :smiley:

Yeah it’s a beautiful look on your miniatures, very fitting for Fallout :slight_smile: I try to do shading and lighting manually with a regular brush, and I think I do alright with it, but seeing these makes me wish I had an airbrush to experiment with!

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Those turned out really well. I love the faded look.

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More Pics! This time of some PVC minis(Nora, Dogmeat, Slobbo and Moon Moon) and of some Black Site Studio terrain I’ve been making pretty as a back drop.

And here’s a comparison shot between previously painted resins and PVC Nora:

And finally just the scenery:


Thank you for this! I’ve been wanting to see good comparison shots of the resin vs pvc minis. I have been finding it impossible to get the resin starter in the US outside of waiting on Modiphius to get there stock in.

Amazing paint jobs too!!

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