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Why is The Fall of London still not in stores?

Can someone please explain to me why The Fall of London chronicle still has not hit stores yet? I’ve been calling all 3 of my local stores for weeks and no one has it and they are completely in the dark as to what is going on as to why they cannot seem to obtain it. It has been done for eons now and released. What is going on?

What we know for sure, is that all shipping by Modiphius was haulted, due to the viral pandemic. Tracked shipping has now resumed, but even so is delayed due to backlogs and other complications.

According to a friend of mine, that runs his own game store, many of the distributors are saying that they can’t get them. He’s had a hard time getting hold of any books, dice, anything. This was a problem, even before covid messed things up.

The Modiphius website is your best bet for the book, drivethrurpg has the pdf available as well.

As a Retail Store owner it is difficult getting Modiphius product. There are long stretches of not being able to get product to sell. but you can see them available more often in their online store and will have an easier time buying direct. for example I have been waiting on a restock at our distribution on vampire dice for about 8-9 months now. Part of this is on distribution as they do not order from Modiphius and will only order certain things. It seems that Impressions here in the United States orders the most often but sadly this is not the most common Distributor used in the States and many of retailers can not afford to have another distributor just to get Modiphius product.

So basically the reason WW chose Modiphius as a ‘primary licensee,’ which was their ability to get stuff in stores… is actually not that great because people don’t generally use the distributor they go through?

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I called my local store today (The Guardtower…2 locations in Columbus, Ohio) and was told they still know nothing and have no info as to when they might have The Fall of London. This sucks!

I just saw on my stores preorder that fall is now in. I will confirm when they reach my store.

After pre-ordering FoL around February it just arrived in the mail a week ago. Its very possible that Modiphius is just now starting to fulfill orders to retailers and customers. That said, tbh, why is Modiphius so mum about any further V5 products? Why have they not responded to inquiries about the Players Guide or the Second Inquisition books?? For that matter, why so little information on the TTRPG product line?

In any case, I now have my copy of FoL and already seeing rules inconsistencies and problems with this book that should easily have been solved with good editing and a reliable line developer.

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On that second front, that just seems to be Modiphius’ business model. They don’t really talk about things until they’re released or ready to release. Not everyone does weekly or whatever meetings about things that are in development.