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Who's Who around the table? (Character Stands)

Earlier this year I ran the “Dark Flowers” quick start adventure for some friends. Afterwards, one of the players remarked that it was difficult to keep track of who’s who in the group, and what their roles were. He also offered a suggestion - based on acrylic table stands used in restaurants. I found some for a modest price at a restaurant supply company in my neighbourhood.

I did a screen capture of each hero from the quick start PDF and put it in PowerPoint. I resized each image to 4" wide by 5.5" high (a bit of cropping was necessary - but not much). I added each hero’s name and position on the ship to the bottom of Side A.

I created a “Side B” on the next slide, on which I typed the quick description of the hero’s motivation, which is found on each character sheet. I also listed the hero’s relationships with the other crew members, starting with their “buddy”. I think this information gets kind of lost on the character sheets, which my players tended to look at primarily for stats (eg: how many dice to roll for a specific skill check). An example, for the captain, is shown in this post. I printed these double-sided and slipped them into the stands.

I’ve since started running a regular session for some friends, using the same pre-generated characters from the quick start (also found in “The Dying Ship” scenario). They love the stands - they frequently refer to them to figure out their relationships with the other characters.

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Group Shot:

Front of a stand - the side that faces other players around the table:

Back of a stand - the side that face the person playing the character:


really Noice!

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Great idea. Might do the same for the next convention game next year :slight_smile: