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Action Points, Blessings, Prayers, Curses: A quick reference for Coriolis players

I made up a handout for players that I thought other Coriolis GMs would find useful, so I’m sharing it here. It’s a two-pager:

The first page lists possible actions during combat, and their Action Point cost. This is straight out of the Core Book, but put on one sheet so players can easily check their options and decide what actions to take.

The second page is a list of the Icons, along with suggested blessings, prayers and curses invoking them. This has been incredibly useful for my players, who are new to the Third Horizon. It has made the “praying to the Icons and re-rolling non-successes” mechanic more than a mechanic, as I encourage the players to decide which Icon should receive their prayer.

I’ve found that the blessings sheet works particularly well since I’ve combined it with a house rule, involving the Coriolis ICON DECK.

When a player Prays to the Icons to re-roll dice that did not turn up a success, I ask the player to pray to a specific Icon and then pick a card. If the Icon is represented on the card, I as GM do NOT get a Darkness Point. But nobody prays to The Faceless One, because if that Icon appears, I get TWO Darkness Points instead of one for their prayer. The player then re-rolls the dice as normal.

The result has been that my players are much more aware of the role that the Icons play in the lives of their characters. (Also, the ICON DECK gets used regularly around our table, which is neat.)

Enjoy if you use either of these GM aids - and may the Gambler back your wager!

  • Trevor

Coriolis-ActionsBlessingsPrayers.pdf (2.4 MB)