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How about spaceship miniatures for Coriolis?

As I prepare to introduce my players to space combat in the Third Horizon, I find myself wishing that Free League (or Modiphius!) would offer a set of miniatures for the various ships that are written up and illustrated in the core book.

Unpainted minis would be fine - I can paint them. And they don’t need stands or bases - some stiff wire and a selection of bases from my local game store would do just fine.

But the thing is, the Coriolis ship designs are beautiful and would look wonderful on the table. Given that the heroes of every campaign most likely have a ship as a home base, it would be a lovely way to remind those around the table that they aren’t playing Star Wars.

Meantime, I’ll be using ships from X-Wing to help players visualize space combat (as illustrated in the attached image).

Perhaps the design and manufacturing could be funded via a Kickstarter campaign?

  • Trevor

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