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How about figures for Coriolis?

I recognize that Coriolis is a game played primarily in the mind. In fact, many of the published scenarios have a horror element to them, and I think these actually work better WITHOUT figures and maps: It frees up the players to imagine their worst fears, it lets the GM move elements around, for instance with the growth in the quick start adventure (“Wasn’t there a door here?”), and so on…

However, there are also times when knowing the relationship between combatants is important. Plus, many people (including me) like to paint up a mini for the table, to visualize their character.

I’ve been using minis for the Haqqislam faction from Infinity (example attached), but they are much more militaristic than the heroes of the Third Horizon. (They’re good members of the Legion, I suppose.) The figures almost all have armour, and carry weapons that are as big as they are.

Since Modiphius has some experience with minis for John Carter of Mars and Star Trek Adventures, I wonder if they could work with their partner at Free League to produce minis for Coriolis? (Perhaps some of the other Free League games would also benefit from a line of minis too, but that’s beyond the scope of this post.) Maybe a kickstarter would help fund them?

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