"Red Shirt" style character group?

So its been a while since I’ve read the rules in the main book, and I don’t really have any of the supplements, so I’m not sure if this has already been covered by the rules somewhere else. , but I had an idea for a “Character class” or concept, basically its the “red shirt” but instead of a single character, you as a player would gain access to the available security members who are available in the scene.

As a concept I had for fantasy games, I thought it would be funny if you controlled a character, and they weren’t “heroic” like other classes, but if/when they died, you’d still be in the game because you’d have a replacement ready to fill in the ranks again because you were controlling the plucky group of endless “red shirts” into the battle.

And because this fantasy idea was based on the original joke of red shirts, I thought it would be interesting to think about how this would work in STA. So I thought, maybe instead of controlling one character, you as aplayer would just control all the security red shirts who are on the scene, maybe with some mechanic for sacrificing them to take damage for other characters.

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Makes me think a bit of Paranoia with the disposable characters.
Not sure if it is suitable for a long campaign, but it would make for an excellent one-shot or convention game.

Would you include the ‘Main characters’ as NPCs in the game with everyone playing red shirts, or would it be a normal group of characters with one player having the red shirts?

Sure, build them as supporting characters or make a stat block for minor npcs security officers and have a bunch on hand.

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These rules are already there. :blush:

Just like @Modiphius-Jim says: Just roll up a bunch of supporting characters and be fine, it pretty much works out of the box.

You might want to tweak the rules on Crew compartment of the ship and maybe on avancement, though, but that’s optional imho.

I was thinking, everyone would be normal characters, then maybe the “joker” of the group who loves to be silly could control the red shirts.

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