Where's a Brigand When You Need One?

So I’ve had Conan the Brigand on pre-order since May. Now it has apparently finally been released here (according to Amazon), but yet the place I ordered from still doesn’t have it nor do any of the local game stores. Anyone here in the USA get a physical copy from a domestic source yet? I need my brigands!

Brigand is a GREAT book, you will love it! :slight_smile:
One of my favourite books so far.

I’ve had a copy on pre-order for months as well with GameNerdz in Texas. They don’t have it yet. Neither does CoolStuff Inc. apparently (as of yesterday anyway), and they showed a release date of Aug. 20 for Brigand.

Just got an update from Cool Stuff saying they have it! Now the question is do I order and wait several days or roll the dice on my local game store as the guy I talked to last night though it might be in within a week?

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Allways try to support local game stores. :smiley:

That’s my feeling at this point. It’s a bit cheaper online, but when you add the delivery charge for one item it becomes nearly a wash.

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Update: My GameNerdz pre-order shipped yesterday. So, yeah, I guess Brigand is out in the wild now.

I am glad I live in Canada. I have had mine for months now and it is excellent.

I guess Canadians get the benefit of dominion status with Modiphius.


I ordered it directly from Modiphius and I have it.

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