Where is YOUR Fallout set?

I was just wondering where everyone else was going to set their Fallout games?
FO3 & 4 areas will probably be the main ones but is anyone doing anything differently?
Maybe Texas,Arizona…Canada?

Mine will either be in the Commonwealth,and pushing into new made up places in New England OR I may go with a desert location.
Not decided yet.

Id be interested to hear your game locales!

Eventually I’m hoping to make a few 4-6 story buildings FO4 and do either a proper downtown Boston sort of setting or Far Harbour, but initially some of the smaller/more generic urban settings around the Commonwealth :slight_smile: This is of course assuming I can find people to game with and can go all in (or at least, as all in as I can afford), otherwise I’ll focus on single player stuff and stick to the smaller settings

I am planing a Novac Table right now and i might try to recreate other NV locations in the future, i just love the setting and look of everything.
Also Post-Apocalyptic and Western Themes go hand in hand and deliver a lot of plot points for self-written scenarios.

Well, if we get Op Anchorage minitures, I simply have to do an Alaska based board. Otherwise I’ll be focusing around the west coast, with maybe something based on Fallout 76, depending how it looks.

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I dont like to be the same, so I am using my home location. I will make my own storyline.

Not very much Fallout lore for Sweden, so I’m going to go for a FO1/FO2 setting for terrain. Mariposa base, I think.

Some great ideas for places!
I did think about doing a UK setting,but I love the classic retro Americana aesthetic of Fallout.
I’ve even started looking at road signs,road markings and how to make different types of highway with foam board or metcalfes printoffs
(More on this later!:wink:) to make my boards look as realistic as my (small) talent all allow.

thats a good question i never gave it much thought about a specific setting my favorite is the east coast setting Before the NCR starts annexing places north of shady sands

Mine is set in the Four-State-Commonwealth, more specifically the Yuma region. Timewise, it is set between Fallout 1 and 2. I just thought this gives me the possibility to draw inspiration from Fallout 1, 2 and New Vegas, allows me to include story bits from those games that I want while granting ne enough freedom to pursue my own ideas :slight_smile:

So much of the first wave is based on the Commonwealth, so I’ll stick with that.

I kinda want to make a Seattle location. Now can we make a Fallout like space needle some how …

id imagine the space needle would look a somewhat like it did in the dark angel tv show

edit: found a puzzle kit for the space needle that might work for you with some tinkering here

Right off I’m planning some generic locals for playing and a 8x4 convention table that again will be a little generic, but my bigger plan is to do some work with a Fallout version of areas of Portland, ME and the greater area around there… possibly also some Commonwealth, but I’d like to give my area a little love. Also, I feel folks might feel a little more invested if there’s a local focus. :slight_smile:

If I get enough people together interested in campaign play I’ll probably be lazy and set it here in Northeast Tennessee. Always loved the idea of Fallout Appalachian style.

I’d imagine it looking more like this:

trouble is with that there isn’t much of an identifying landmark anymore, if you think things like the Washington memorial and Lincoln Memorial in the capital wasteland are for the most part intact minus a head or a few bricks here, its sort of like if you had it set in London for example if you take away Big Ben, Westminster and Buckingham palace(granted there are more landmarks than this but i think you get where i am coming from) it soon becomes harder to say it is London than any other English city from a ground level perspective


You could take your favorite local coffee shop and Fallout it up, base the board on stuff around you. Would only be reconizable to locals maybe but you would know.

I think a UK based game would work well.

For style I would go with a combination of industrial revolution and 1920-1950’s public buildings.

You could justify any faction with a local background. BoS are remnants from US bases or refugees from Canadian units. Supermutants are from stolen FEV samples. Enclave and Institute could be local government and university. Vaults would be subways converted to shelters.

Worth noting that the UK would be in a much worse state than the US, Western Europe had formed in to a federal state which broke in to civil war 10 years before the great war. Wouldn’t see much carry over from the US except the robots really. Stuff like Sten guns would fit well, they are a pipe gun lol.

As an Australian, it’s not really practical to just add rubble and a '50’s vibe to my local town while still fitting into the Fallout established factions. Who are the Minutemen? The Brotherhood of what now?

On the other hand, I’ve been running a World of Darkness RPG in an American city for a little while now, and gotten to know a bit of the feel, so I’m going to set my FOWW in… North Platte, Nebraska.

Okay, hear me out.

North Platte is home to Bailey Yard, one of the largest railway classification yards (read: place they sort and store train cars) in the world. During WW2, it was a regular stop over for troops heading from the west coast bound for Europe, or from the east coast bound for the Pacific, as well as handling a lot of guns, ammo, vehicles, food, clothing, and all the other things that keep an army being an army rather than just a collection of soldiers looking sheepish.

So, in my Fallout world, North Platte was again subject to a surge in activity as troops and resources from the east coast passed through on their way to Anchorage. Naturally, when the bombs fell, this otherwise smallish town was targeted for the shear number of troops there. The Brotherhood now maintain a vigil over the area now know as the Grim Fields: the parade ground where the 4th Battalion of the 42nd Infantry were left as charred bones in the opening salvo. More practically, they also protect the military equipment of the town from falling into the hands of those who would abuse it, including the chemical factory that had been supplying compounds used in the F.E.V. experiments run by West Tek. Meanwhile, though the town never really boasted much in the way of high rise buildings, the farmlands surrounding it remain tenable, relatively speaking, prompting survivors to try their luck. The great “glo-nados” - tornadoes infused with radioactive dust that pass through the area put most attempts at settlement at risk, but rumour has it a tech company was working on a weather control device prior to the war. Maybe that can keep the storms at bay - if the super mutants, Brotherhood, deathclaws, rad scorpions, and berserk robots can be avoided.