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Finding each other out in the wasteland

A place to find other players in your area. In all this fallout it can hard to find other survivors!

I myself can be found in the Emerald City Wastes, if your in the Everett, Seattle,Belveiw (USA Washington) area give me a hollar! We can get a game in.

Edit: add your country and state to avoid confusion!


That’s my old stomping grounds. I grew up in and around Kent/Maple Valley, WA. Moved away about 20 years ago to quieter places.

Now, not that I actually expect to find anyone in my area who’s not already part of my gaming group, but it never hurts to try.

Any gamers in South Dakota? I live smack dab in the middle between Brookings/Huron/Watertown. Our group plays a little bit of everything, from board games, miniatures games, to roleplaying and card games. Just whatever everyone feels like playing on any given day. I’m self employed and work from home, so I can usually fit my hours to any schedule which allows a lot flexibility in when I can play.

Awesome idea!

I’m looking for gamers of all sorts in the Nashville, TN area.

We play, or would play, just about all styles of games, old and new. From A Song of Ice and Fire the Miniatures game (CMON), to Raw Deal - (an old WWF/E CCG). From classic World of Darkness RPGs to 5th ed D&D. And everything in between.

Course I also think it would be fun to treat everyone’s FWW collection as it’s own settlement. And play up interactions between them. Like a living expanded version of the game. Could then even be done with non-locals. Coming up with scenarios that somehow link the two together.

Apologies if this is an odd question, but are those places in the US? I’ve occasionally seen Americans making posts online where they reference a location, but only give details of a local area (I’m guessing maybe state?) without including “US”, and as a non-American it can be a bit confusing is all.

Mostly just trying to avoid accidentally annoying someone again (someone had said they were from “[place] CA”, which I’m used to being short for Canada, but apparently not in that case)

Yeah those are all in the US. I’ve also noticed a tendency for the Brits to not mention their country, while everyone else does.

Sorry about the confusion! I figured if your local to the area your familiar with local terms, but multiple places use the same names allot of the time. Let’s start adding country of origin and state/Provence/etc?

@AlxRaven I love the idea of Everyone having their own settlement and a growing local narrative. I’ve been turning to start something akin to this but need a group of players first.

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Mansfield, Nottingham, England, United Kingdom.

Not far from Sanctuary Gaming Centre, if anyone is close by.

It’s traditional in the united states to list town and state. If you wanted to break it down, it would look like this, Lake Preston, South Dakota (SD), United States.

Country: United States
State: South Dakota
City: Lake Preston

Ah got it, thankyou :slight_smile:

Yeah I think adding country’s is definitely a good idea, helps clear up confusion between places that have similar names (ie, Boston UK and Boston US, Cambridge AU and Cambridge NZ, etc).

Currently living in Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales, United Kingdom here if anyone’s in the area

In the USA , North Carolina, Near Charlotte. Look to join with a gaming group. I got all the fallout stuff and a little bit of everything else. So if your near by hit me up. Thanks Daniel

I’m in the USA, California, Palo Alto.

Got a small but growing group in Madison, WI, USA

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Im located in Seminole Oklahoma, USA, North America, planet Earth, the Solar System, Milky Way galaxy.


European here, Ourense, Galicia, Spain, EU :slight_smile:


I’m in Memphis, TN USA. Kinda close to you AlxRaven but unfortunately to far for a quick game night.

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Sárbogárd, Fejér, Hungary, EU

Not sure if anyone nearby, but worth trying

Ames, Iowa, USA

Piombino, Livorno, Italy, EU

Made account for this thread, looking for anyone nearby!

Nanuet (right outside NYC) New York, USA.

Reston, Virginia. USA here.