Players near Philadelphia

Looking for players near Philadelphia, I don’t live in the city but about 25min outside. Trying to start a small group for campaign play but would be down for some battles at a local game store as well. Let me know if you live within driving distance!

Are you in PA or NJ? I am in central NJ.

I am in PA, the closest game store to me is Alternate Universes on Germantown Pike in Blue Bell, PA. However, I am out by Cherry Hill, NJ once in awhile. Do you have any stores nearby?

There’s a store in Old Bridge but I’ve never been to it. There’s a comic book store in Red Bank right by me that does table top gaming and DnD. But I am new to all of this stuff and never been to either of these stores.

I’ve also never played Fallout Wasteland Warfare. I preordered the game way back when but never did anything with it. Just this week I got it into me to start painting the miniatures, but I think I’m too dumb to understand how to play this game lol.

I have played for about a year mainly a campaign style but the guy I used to game with moved. My work schedule is pretty packed for the next week or two but maybe sometime in early July we could get something on the calendar. The rules feel like they have a pretty steep learning curve to start but you get the hang of it pretty quick after a few games. I can show you how to play it isn’t bad. I got into it from being into the video games. Shoot me an email and we can coordinate schedules

If you guys feel like going into the city proper, Redcap’s Corner is the best. I don’t live there anymore, sadly, but it’s a great place.

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