Pacific Northwest Wasteland

Since there are a few of us in Washington and Oregon area, I started this thread for us to arrange games without clogging up the introductions page.


You pick the time and place and I’ll put it on my calendar.


How about Saturday 2 pm at The Tree Fort?

Sounds good to me, see you then

Just to be prepared, what type of scenario would you like to play?

Maybe something like the Raiders scenario from the battlemode book. it doesn’t require a lot of setup and it doesn’t give an advantage to either side. What point level do you want to play?

Sounds good, how about 500? What faction do you want to play?

So far I’ve been playing survivors, but I’d like to try out the BoS if that’s cool with you. If your a BoS player, I can pick one of the two from the starter set

I’m fine with whatever, I have everything from wave 1. I’ve mostly been playing Survivors as well, probably because that’s what the tutorials were based on. The definitely seem like they have some of the best advantages. So, let’s get out of our comfort zones. I could play either BoS as the Outcasts or Supermutants.

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What shall we do about terrain?

I’ve got a couple of small buildings I could bring

Cool, I’ve got the Red Rocket set and some other terrain pieces I can bring. We should be able to fill out a table.

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@Dweller We still on for Saturday?

Yep, I’m almost done figuring out my list

I think I have mine figured out. I’m going with super mutants, mostly because they’re the ones I need the most practice with.

I’m upstairs setting up