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What will the Player's Guide bring?

In the past, the VtM Player’s Guide gave additional character options, the independent clans, and some advise on playing Vampire. From the blurb, the Player’s Guide seems to offer advice on how to play all the different styles of Vampire. But what else will be in there?

Personally, I hope for at least one new clan (Ravnos or Tzimisce), maybe the reprints of The Ministry and Banu Haqim. Also, since Oblivion (Lasombra/Hecata clan discipline from Chicago by Night/Cults of Blood) is missing a Predator Type, it would be great to include one. Also, a clarification that Blood Sorcery could be taken by Banu Haqim when the Predator Type offers them would be good.

What else could be in there?

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I am reluctant to admit it, but even though I really like V5 as a whole, I found its presentation struggled somewhat, and while I was reading the core book I was thinking to myself That I was really looking forward to seeing this rule-set presented in a clarified Players Guide or Revised Edition, but this summer feels too soon, and Modiphius’ own description doesn’t appear to match such a thought, and I’d say it is for the best.

Modiphius’ description does sound compelling, and I am looking forward to what they will do with it. I am torn on whether I want Player’s Guide that consolidates as many clans in one place or keeps it simple by sticking to the base seven in the corebook. Still, I’d love for more!

What I know I want is an easy to understand gateway into V5 for new players, and that is why I don’t have a problem with a small number of starting clans (unfortunately I find the V5 book a little convoluted in that regard). I also want books that fill out V5, adding layers and depth to the whole. I love how convoluted the setting can get, and enjoy diving into it, and this is where I lie conflicted, I want the player’s Guide to be both, but it needs to be one of these things.

So in conclusion, I eagerly await the book, while being of too many minds to settle on what I expect from it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol

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Oh yes, writing on the rules could be a lot clearer and more precise. My dream would be a V5 corebook written by Rose Bailey who did VtR2, using the rulesset developed in the current V5 corebook.

I do love Rose’s work!

Rose is a fantastic writer!

Very good question you have there, friend!

I’m expecting some missing Clans to be described (Ravnos and Lasombra perhaps… I know the Lasombra Clan is going to be included in the Chicago book but I’d like to see it in there anyway since I don’t plan on getting Chicago… I usually use my own settings).

Additional Merits, Flaws, Backgrounds and Loresheets (I love them Loresheets!).

New predator types, of course.

Perhaps a list of possible character concepts, not unlike what we’ve seen so far for Victims and Locations in the Storyteller’s screen document. Just something to light up some creative juices for newcomers (and veterans too!).

Really looking forward to this one.

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I’d love for info on the Ravnos! and new merits, flaws, backgrounds and loresheets and predator types sound grand! (especially with the new Oblivion Discipline in V5 Chicago by Night, having a predator type that links to that would be interesting) Perhaps some new Coterie types too! Sample characters are something I’d love to see too, as was often done in earlier edition sourcebooks.

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We got information yesterday on the upcoming books. Looks like the Players Guide will have all 13 Clans in it.

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Not sure if this will be an overview or a full write up at this point though I think it would benefit having a small overview with the banes for them in the book as a good rules reference. I don’t know if I want a full re-write of the clans or a 3-4 page spread for each clan like they did in their original release book. I would prefer that that page count go to something else and if I want the full spread I have the PG tell me where I can find that information.

All in all though I am excited to see what additional rules options they add to the game. I am really liking the play how you want to play feel of V5 so far and look forward to more.

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Dawkins (who is writing some for it) posted a tiny snippet of the Hecata section, and it looks like the draft would look for a corebook-style Clan layout, so I’m betting something along the lines of the way they’re written in the core (probably not a copy paste). He also said that he wrote different powers for Oblivion for the PG, so it won’t just be a reprint on the CbN Oblivion. So I’m banking on there being more expanded Discipline powers for the other Disciplines as well.

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Expanded Discipline powers would be awesome. I’m also hoping clan compulsions will be listed with their clans, like the Camarilla and Anarch sourcebooks.

Cool! Please do tell, where did Matthew Dawkins post this snippet of the Hecata section?

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The World of Darkness 5th Edition Discord. But it’s literally a snippet; it’s just the top like inch of his draft work, showing the name and monikers.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yesterday on twitch with russian speaking community Jason Carl confirmed that PG book will include new disciplines, merits, flaws, backgrounds.
Also he said that probably we will see Sabbat book in 2021 and two new City by Night books :slight_smile:


I am currently running a game, three of the players have never played VtM. The players guide would be very useful.

The new disciplines and stuff would also be very welcome :slight_smile:

I do hope the V5 player book does have a little more meat and potatoes for the game. I enjoyed the Camarilla and Anarch books but so much seemed fluff to me personally. I would like to see expanded clans and bloodlines coupled with new or redesigned disciplines from the previous editions. A list of all the fallen clans from the Gehenna War.

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From all that I have heard I don’t think this will be a book that has a lot of fluff if any. This is seemingly shaping up to be primarily a rules source. Though we may see a few folio-esque passages at the front. I think this book will be closer to the core book in regards to the fluff/rules mixture. Though I don’t have any advanced knowledge.

Is there any news as to when it is going to be released? Last I heard was Dec '19 and well… it’s December…

according to the press release we should have an Advanced PDF before Christmas. The book release they listed was February 2020. There has been no official information past that as far as I am aware. There has been rumors that have said that we will probably see a delay on the Players Guide.