V5 fan speculation on the revealing of remaining clans

Hi! Longtime world of darkness fan and eagerly taking in all the developments of 5th edition! So far, we have the following clans fully revealed or on the way:
Corebook: 7 Clans + 2 (Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere, Ventrue. AND Caitiff and Thin-Blooded)
Camarilla: 1 Clan (Banu Haqim)
Anarch: 1 Clan (Ministry)
Chicago By Night V5 Chronicle from Onyx Path (kickstarter finished, waiting for publication): 1 Clan (Lasombra)
*Cults of the Blood Gods from Onyx Path (announced in their Current Projects page): 1 Clan (Hecata/Giovanni/Cappadocian)

We have two clans left: Ravnos and Tizimisce. My speculation is that Onyx Path or Modiphius will reveal them in future supplements. a Sabbat book would be an awesome way to introduce the Tzimisce (last full clan to belong to that sect). With London being a, I believe, largely Camarilla city prior to the events of the Fall, I would not expect either clan to be in that book. The Player’s Guide could offer Tzimisce as a way of discussing how to play a Sabat-focused chronicle or anti-Sabat Tzimisce characters. The Guide would also be a way to introduce the Ravnos, who lacking a sect of their own would be a fine fit for the Players’ Guide that gives players more options. I don’t see the Second Inquisition book as a way to introduce the remaining clans as it’s focus would be, presumably, largely on potentially human inquisitor character creation and foci. Thoughts fellow fans?

I too would love to see more clans brought into the game but I think with the Camarillo and Anarch books being discontinued after pre-sales go out that we may not see a Sabbat Guide come out until those two have been revisited. The Players guide would be a gods place to see some of the clan material we are missing. I could see Ravnos and some of the other bloodlines in the book as well.

I think, Tzimisce will go into the Sabbat book. Anything else would be a surprise. In past iterations of the game, the player’s guide was traditionally the place to introduce the independent clans, which would include the Ravnos. What I would like to see was a reprint of The Ministry, Banu Haqim, and Hecata plus Ravnos in the player’s guide. But I guess they will not do that, since Hecata development wouldn’t be finished in-time.

For the Ravnos, I think they are hard to figure out in V5. The designers seem to be extremly conservative in adding new disciplines, rather prefering to roll the strange powers of the other clans into the standard disciplines. Oblivion of the Lasombra will apparently be the same discipline the Hecata use for Necromancy.

But, Chimerstry is illusion-based. I could see that as part of Presence, but it also could be it’s own discipline. Developing that might take more time than the publishing date of the player’s guide.

One thing that has been delivered in past versions of the player’s guide were some of the more common bloodlines. Maybe we start seeing a couple of those?

But all in all, I agree, the Player’s Guide would be the obvious announced book to put the Ravnos in. Unless some projects haven’t been announced yet that would be more fitting.

A good point. Perhaps the Players Guide will also have the Ministry and Banu Haqim materials reprinted within it for fans who didn’t get the Anarchs and Camarilla books before these books are discontinued.

Good points. I’ve been wondering about Chimerstry as well. If the consolidating of Disciplines, perhaps it will be represented an Amalgam power or set of powers (like Dementation was turned into an Auspex power that required some Dominate to get), perhaps as an Obfuscate (already makes some illusions) with Fortitude (substance given to the illusion rather than the vampire).

I would like to see a reprint of the Banu and ministry in the players guide it would be good for players that did not get the cam and anarch guides. Ravnos seem like a great clan for the guide.

As far Chimeristy i would like to see it on its own but if they are going to fold it in I think obfuscate since it already has mind effecting illusions in the form of mask would be my choice.

If Chimerstry gets folded into Obfuscate, the Ravnos would get Animalism, Fortitude, Obfuscate as clan disciplines. That’s only one step removed from Clan Gangrel. From a diverse spread of clan disciplines point, it wouldn’t work so well. But from the mythology between Ravnos and Gangrels, it could work beautifully.

Also, the questions is how many Chimerstry powers would need conversion? Dementation got two, I think. Dementation als level 2 Dominate power, and Eyes of Chaos as level 2 Auspex power. Chimerstry 1 and 2 create illusions, Chimerstry 3 and 4 included movement and permanency. I could see this working as two powers only: Chimerstry as a level 2 power, and Horrid Reality as level 5 power. Chimerstry could then work as Obfuscate power with Fortitude amalgam. Horrid Reality could be an Obfuscate and Auspex amalgam. But not sure about that.

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Boiling the discipline down to two powers seems like a good choice to me. I also like the story connection. Auspex yo find the mark obfuscate to fool and get away from the mark and fortitude to survive the mark finding you when he realizes what you did. :slight_smile:

Why Auspex for horrid?

Because Auspex deals with invading the mind on higher levels. Of course, I could also see Dominate or Presence as the amalgam.

what do you mean by that the books are discintinued. They are still available through this webshop, are they not?

I’m thinking the Player’s Guide will have a lot of material to cover without covering the Sabbat, you are right. I would not be surprised to see such a book, containing the Tzimemi… Tsitsu… Tzimisce clan along with information on using the Sabbat as a player option as well as using it as a boogeyman.

Camarilla and Anarch are not being discontinued, they were removing the Chechnya stuff and then releasing them.

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No, I don’t think that’s correct. After that news hit, White Wolf had a later announced that, after shipping the already ordered copies, Anarchs and Camarilla are no longer being published. This went in tandem with announcing that Modiphius will be in charge of the game line instead of their internal gaggle of edgelords.

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No, that bit of news is outdated. Here: https://blog.white-wolf.com/2018/12/20/vampire-modiphius-partnership/

Specifically, regarding re-release of Camarilla and Anarch books:

Once all existing pre-order commitments are finished, both the Camarilla and Anarch books will no longer be available for sale in print or in digital form.

Damn, missed that!
But definitely seems to be countered with this from Modiphius released in the same day?

Hmm… yes, that is indeed confusing. I guess I officially have no clue whether Camarilla and Anarch books will go away.

According to a post from Matthew Dawkins from March 2 - V5 Cults of the Blood Gods enters redlines, with Giovanni, Harbingers, Samedi, Cappadocians, Bahari, Mithraists, Church of Caine, Church of Set, Nephilim, Cult of Shalim, Ashfinders, Los Hijos de Si, the Society of Peaceful Night.

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I’d love to see the inclusion of some of the Bloodlines in the Players guide myself, but then I kind of miss the flavoring of DoC’s, Gargoyles, Samedi as well as some of the other old favorites from other material.

Only things that those were hardly consistent and often retconned - annoyingly so. oWOD contimuity was a superb mess.