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Wenchi's Journey in painting(Again)

Hey y’all. Hope you guys are doing well despite the current Corona Virus pandemic going on (Stay safe!)

I’ve been sitting on a few sets from F:WW and have just recently put my hand to painting some of these suckers up. I’ve recently got 2 Corvega bits done to where I like the general idea of them but I am in need of advice on how to rust those bad boys and make them look extra worn, maybe some worn windows too, don’t worry I’ll fix up the little imperfections on the silver and reds and maybe get a wash to clean up the crevices.

I’ll be slowly doing more paint ups and trying to get similar things done at the same time (If that makes sense)

From here I’ll take some progress pictures and slowly improve over time. I used to paint a long time ago. If you guys have any advice I would greatly appreciate it and maybe even showcase the things you guys teach me! =D


It’d be almost a shame to weather those up! :slight_smile:
I haven’t tackled the Corvega’s yet but I like to use a sponge for my weathering. Tear a chunk of washing sponge off so it’s an uneven surface, dip it in paint and then tap it onto some paper so kost of the paint cones off. Then you’ll get a random pattern of blotches when you attack the car. I use two or three different rust colours and go back and forth between them not cleaning the sponge between and overlapping the same ares with different colours. Hopefully that makes sense!


They both look great! Seconded on Info’s recommendation, a sponge with a few different shades of brown/orange is great for rusting things up :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys for the feedback.

What kind of colours? I’ve got a lot of army painters and some still viable citadel pots.
Would it be some basic browns with a rust effect paint mixed in? Would you use a darker metallic to blend the tones from brown to orange?

I will give it a go hopefully tonight, just after I wash and highlight the raised parts of the car. After that I’ll look at rusting up the edges and prominent parts of the car, with some “leaking” rust down the white part. Oh and mess up that chrome too xD

I dont’ have much army painter so I can’t recomend any specific colours I’m afraid, I just use a dark brown, a reddish brown and an orangey brown. If you don’t have them just mix some red or orange into a basic brown - randomness in tone is your friend here, after all :laughing:

Do you mean rust effect like typhus corrosion, where it’s a thickish wash with texture in it? I put that on first, it gives the other colours some texture. But really, rust is organic and messy so it’d probably work in any order :slight_smile:

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I picked up the Vallejo rust and chipping effects set, great paints for brush and air brush, and the chipping medium. Comes with instructions on how to use them too. Not trying to endorse a brand here, but a great set to get started with. Its obviously designed with military modellers in mind, but should work great for Corvegas or the new APCs


Oof I’m terrible. I’ve been a little busy with our welfare system since this whole outbreak but I do have good news. I’ve been working on some more terrain, just getting comfortable with highlights and washes. Need to get re-acquainted with this hobby again.

So here’s a scenic base I’ve worked on. It’s not fully done yet (Obviously missing rust) But once I sum up the courage to sploch brown paint on it I’ll be sure to post pictures.

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Now I will go through and clean up the edge of the base. And add a colour around it so it suits the model this goes with.


Here’s some bits and bobs


I recognise that base… Looking forward to seeing the full Liberty Prime!

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Haha thanks, me too.
I’ve seen another users Liberty Prime with a lush base. Looks excellent and definitely considering my colours for it now.
~It may or may not be base-coated already~ But again once I’m comfortable with where I’m at with the hobby I’ll set him up.


He definitely seems like a model that’s worth taking time on, might be worth doing a couple of smaller minis first if you’ve been out of the hobby for a while :slight_smile:

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Always look forward to seeing a painted Prime! :slight_smile:

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Much apologies for my late post, here’s an update on the last pieces. I’ve been working on textures and rust with some Crooked Dice terrain bits.

Finally put the rust effects on. Please give me feedback! I definitely need to improve.

These were some scatter pieces that I tried my hand on for honing my rust.


What a change from the last time we saw the corvegas, that weathering looks great :smiley:

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I’d say the rust looks great, especially with the mix of shades from dark brown to lighter orange. Was it applied with a sponge? :slight_smile:

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Thanks for kind words, you guys can be super savage if you want. I need to get better xD

Yes a very thin sponge for the sploches

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The rusting looks great to me, better than I could probably manage :wink:

As far as improvement, maybe some streaking rust stains from the rad storms washing it down across the paint?

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Ah! That’s a great idea. I’ll give it a shot and update once I get around to it.

In the mean time so more terrain will be uploaded soon.

Thanks for the input! xD can’t wait to post

Hey guys! long time no update. Here I have finally got some basic raiders done!

Let me know what you guys think. I can take some up close of each one. But bad phone quality =(