We'll Call it a Draw

My regular opponent and I today played the first two scenarios in the linked campaign in the Campaign Book…but we ended up with a couple of questions again…

The Super Mutants convincingly won the first Defend the Farm scenario, burning 6 of the 8 crops, but also wiping out the entire opposing force…which begged a question of Victory Conditions. In this scenario, it was possible to qualify for both Major and Minor victory at the same time. When this happens, does the Major Victory automatically override the Minor victory results, or do you get both, or do you get to choose? Not to mention, the consquences of Minor vs Major victory are quite different in this scenario.

In the second scenario, Newshound…Piper managed to investigate 2 of the four markers. So, nobody qualified for any victory conditions. No problem, it’s a draw. But…what happens to a Settlement in a draw? Do both sides count as losing? (This is how we handled it) Or should there be some different consequences?

Lastly…Newshound seems awfully difficult to actually win as the Defender. With Piper having a Yellow movement, actually getting to 3 of the markers at all would seem quite challenging. Has anyone actually managed to find a way to win this one?

About first question, I assume that mayor victory overrides minor victory.
About the draw, I think you’re doing it right. If nobody rich a victory condition, nobody wins

Adding this to the FAQ list for Battle Mode

Excellent…don’t suppose you could share WHAT you’ll be adding to the FAQ at all?

See the pinned thread and add anything you need answering.

The main game FAQ is more James’ department and we can certainly add a thread of questions though he does a good job of tracking all the questions and errata he sees across the various platforms.