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Radio Tower Takeover. Victory conditions question

Hi all,

I’m really confused by the description of the defender victory conditions for this one.

Attacker conditions are nice and simple. If you take the tower you get a major victory, if you get a good inroad into the tower you get a minor victory.

The defender (Brotherhood of Steel) win conditions, as written, are:

Major victory: The enemy controls the Tower by round 6. 250 Caps reward.
Minor victory: Same number of units are in contact with the Tower, yet the enemy has more points in total. 150 Caps reward.

The use of the term the enemy is confusing me. It only seems to make sense of the Brotherhood of Steel are defined as the enemy but that doesn’t seem to be the case in the other rules. Otherwise it reads like you win by abandoning the Tower and leaving it for the survivors.

Am I right to think that the BoS win by holding the Tower (major) or by not quite losing it (minor)

The fact that this has not been raised as a question before makes me feel like I am missing something.


The way I read it / have play it in the past, your instincts are correct:

I think it should read “You control the Tower by Round 6.250 Caps reward” for both Att and Def major conditions.

As I recall it’s one of the earliest scenario in the life span of the game, and a number of the fist run stuff have had Maj/Min victory conditions which are a little off.

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Thanks buddy,

It was your battle report video which led me to this question in the first place. Keep up the good work.

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Haha no way - that’s awesome!

It’s a fun scenario. Much appreciated, and thanks for watching :slight_smile: