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Vestiges Resurgent 3

This was written in Facebook but no one answered, maybe you know something:
I have read Vestiges 3 and I would like to begin this last scenario knowing some of the rules there, not as I did with the 1&2!

The scenario says Enclave could put up 2 turrets in the blank markers as the map suggests, but I don’t see any blank marks.

Also, the winning conditions are stated by cap costs, but the cap costs written in the forces are not updated (and the total caps in Locals is wrong!), Dog 90, Missile launcher 41… Should I use this cap costs for the winning conditions or the real one? Should I use only the model’s cost or do you count them with their equipment?

In any case, Jon Webb said all the official scenarios would be with V2 dogs, so this dog should be at 80 caps, right? 90 is for the old version…

I suppose that hanger doors, you put the green rulers as the map suggests, and when you close them, you slide the green ruler from the impassable zone to the exit zone, right?