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Any news about this last topic?:

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Good spot. We’ll update the turret information when we next come to updating the battle mode lists."

Do you have any refined rules about buying and deploying (rolling for it if you need to, what kind of action it would be…) turrets for your force (normal/battle mode)?

Hey @DK-dark,

I’ve had a look and I can’t seem to find the post this is referring to. Could you link me to the comment in question? I’ve answered a lot of questions on F:WW as of late!

Could you elaborate on what you are asking for in regards to refined rules for buying and deploying turrets in both normal and battle mode?


The post is ‘Using turrets in play’, October '21, regarding how to use in play turrets when you want to buy/equip them on your models, when you want to use them without any scenario rule, in any mode

1000 times YES. This is something that’s needed to be addressed for some time.

The big questions I always run into (and have never seen answered officialy) are:

  1. how far away do turrets get placed when deployed?
  2. does it require an action to deploy them?
  3. do you need to make a skill test to deploy them?


We’ll get a Dev on this and they’ll have an answer for you next week. They’ll be hard at work over the next few days, crunching out a solution.

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Glad to see this being addressed. Generally the community just seams to deploy them in base contact with the unit that has them with an action but there’s no real rules around them so it was a common sense approach.

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So try these out for now, I’ll leave this thread unlocked for 2 weeks for you to provide feedback.

The following Rules are required if a player includes one or more Turrets in their Force;

  • During Game Setup when deploying Models onto the Battlefield, if a Force contains any Turrets - Turrets must be placed before any non-turret Models, wholly within that Forces deployment zone. If a Force has a Deployment Edge, deploy the Turrets in the same manner, in contact with the Deployment Edge.

  • During a game, Turrets within a players Force only React to Triggers caused by Models that are not members of the Force it is included within.

The Amount of Turrets that can be included in a Force depends on the size of game you are playing;

0-500 Caps 			0-2 Turrets
501-750 Caps		0-3 Turrets
751+ Caps			0-4 Turrets


Keen to try these changes out.

Having turrets only react to non-friendly triggers makes sense, but also makes the turret inhibitors a moot item.

I was going to mention the inhibitors too but at the same time it sucks having to buy those for every unit in your list – especially if turrets can only be placed in the starting area. So a 10pt turret now becomes a 28pt turret with a list that has 6 units due to the inhibitors.

Though there’s fun ways to use the inhibitors in scenarios where you can find one to negate turrets for a unit. I could see them shifting to being useful Into the Wasteland style maps as opposed to a normal scenario.

Another thing these rules could provide is a leadership card that lets you place turrets farther away then normal.

I always read the inhibitors as one per force (“any turrets you deploy will not attack your models”) but that does seem cheap at just 3 caps.

Ahh, it’s one per force. It’s an odd card to have and the game would flow better with turret costs just going up 1pt to compensate. The sandbox-ness of FWW is nice when you want that but there are also times, like this, where it probably is a bit frustrating to players who don’t understand why the game would have turrets and then require you to buy an item to not get attacked by your own turrets.

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In my Survivors vs BoS/Liberty Prime Scenario I had 4 turrets in a 2000 cap force. I can say that while they were amusing, they definitely were not over-or-underpowered. The sounds of bullets plinging off of Prime’s armor basically sounded like a monsoon whenever it did anything, haha.

After trying out a lower cap game I think all the rules are just fine. I like not having to bother with the inhibitors but you want to consider finding some use for those cards by changing them up that if found during game play in a searchable they opposing turrets will not target the unit that has the inhibitor or have the inhibitor disable turrets for one round only (all on the map including yours) and be consumable.