Further Questions about Turrets

I’ve read the other topics about turrets, which have been helpful, but I have some additional questions. Can anyone answer any of the following?

  1. It is stated that turrets are not units. Does this mean that they only fire in response to triggers and are not made ready or activated?

  2. The laser and Mark I machine gun turrets have three triggers. Once all three triggers have been used, does this mean that they no longer fire for the rest of the turn?

  3. Are turrets required to react to a trigger? For example, units can choose whether to react to certain triggers, but I would assume that this would make no sense for turrets from a narrative perspective. The rules are unclear about this though.

Many thanks in advance for any help that you can provide in response to these queries.

  1. They only fire in response to triggers.
  2. They cannot react until first turn of the next round, when they replenish their tokens.
  3. They must react to any triggers if they can (whenever they identify the target as enemy)

Hey both!

DK-dark has it correct on all three questions.


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Thanks both :slight_smile: .

There is a further question on turrets that springs to mind. Because they react to triggers and reactions are quick actions, does their skill modifier on the card suffer the -2 penalty or is the number on the card for the rifle skill not modified?

They always suffer -2 due to the quick action like a normal model.

So if their rifle skill is four on the card, it will drop to 2 whenever they react?

Yes, and if they are engaged, to 1.

Wow, those are some very significant penalties. I’m glad that I am understanding the rules for turrets correctly, but this does make me question their effectiveness. Thanks for clearing these queries up for me. I will revisit my army list plans now.