Questions about Turrets

Reading the turret rules I have a question or two.

First I believe the turret reacts to all triggered actions based on the comment below

Page 51 (rules of Play) Turrets react to every Trigger they are aware of regardless of faction.

But does it fire only on the opposing factions?

Example Survivors vs Super Mutants…A brute moves into the turrets perception that triggers the turret so the turret uses one of its Reaction markers to shoot. On the next turn a survivor moves into the turrets perception which should trigger the turrets Reaction
So with its reaction does the turret shoot the survivor or get another shot at the brute?

It will fire on all models except if you own the turrent inhibitors item.



Haumi91 has it right. It would fire on all models (includes those friendly to it) unless you had the Turret Inhibitor.


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