Turret awakes event card

I don’t know exactly how this card works.
Should the turret be active/live when it is scattered (it says the turret is dormant)? Or how do you use a Consequence within an Event card? Do you re-shuffle the Turret awakes event card with the rest of the event deck after drawing it? Is the possibility of not awaking it intended? (if it goes to the last event card after shuffling, you could not see it like the explore cards, o, should you shuffle it flipped??)

Hey @DK-dark

We’ll get @Modiphius-Ethan on this one later this week.

Thanks for your question!

So to resolve Turret Awakes you first…

  1. Draw the Turret Awakes Event Card from The Wasteland. At this point, it’s best to have prepared a Machinegun Turret MK III Card.

  2. Scatter a Token Blue distance from the centre of the battlefield, this Token is the turret and it is dormant. At this point the Turret is represented by its Card on the battlefield and can be attacked, but it is not assigned Reaction Markers until it is considered live.

  3. Remove the top Event Card from the Event Deck and shuffle the Turret Awakes Card back into the Event Deck.

  4. Replace the removed Event Card back to the top of the Event Deck.

The next time the Turret Awakes Event Card is drawn, it is considered a Consequence and the turret is now live (assign 3 Reaction Markers to the turret).
Because Turret Awakes is considered a Consequence Card the second time it is drawn, draw another Event Card from The Wasteland and continue play as normal.

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