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Custom Scenario: Stand-off

I wrote this scenario during break at work and have yet to try it out. I’m not sure yet what the winning conditions should be and how to phrase them.

Anyway, here we go:

Pursued by an overwhelming force you make your way through downtown. With several wounded in tow, you won’t make it far. They’re almost upon you when a scout speaks of an abandoned homestead that’s stacked to the brim with supplies. Time to make a stand.

This battle is between the pursuers and the defenders. The defenders force is significantly lower, but gets help in the form of an easy to defend position and access to items and defensive mechanisms. They must either kill the attackers or escape from the table. The pursuers must kill as many of the defenders as possible.

Force size
Any force size works. The defenders force is half of the pursuers force. The difference is spent on items, turrets, robots and placed close to the defenders starting position (see setup).

A 3’x3‘ table. The centre 1’x1‘ square could be a building or an area with a lot of cover beneficial to the defender. Elsewhere should have significantly less cover and no LoS-breaking cover (for human sized models).
The pursuers can deploy yellow from all table edges.
The defenders deploy within yellow of the table centre.
The defender purchases items, turrets and/or robots and places them within the centre 1’x1‘ square, at least yellow between items, and at least orange between turrets, robots and items.
Items are placed as searcheable markers Draw an item when interacting with a marker.

Special rules
Robots and turrets can be activated by performing a hacking expertise test when in base contact. Both players can attempt to hack turrets, robots and pick up items. A hacked turret or robot immediately becomes part of the respective force and can’t be re-hacked.

Winning conditions
Every 50 points of models worth taken out rewards the opposing party with 1 victory point. A killed leader gives an additional victory point. Turrets, Robots and found equipment counts as well. The player with the most victorye points at the end of turn six wins.

Retreat is possible for the defenders side, by touching an edge of the table.


Looks like a lot of fun, thanks for sharing this!

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Wow! I like the idea! This will be my next game.

I think the central area will have an additional upper floor with the turrets, and defenders will have to climb to access to that place.

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Thank you for the kind words.

In fact I’m working on a piece of terrain that’d allow just that. This scenario is for it.

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