A Romantic Tragedy (Scenario. Just planning at the time of original post.)

I think I mentioned this one in passing the other day, then I posted elsewhere in a bit more detail a little bit ago. I thought you all might enjoy seeing what I have planned and let people share their thoughts if they feel so inclined. Would love to hear people thoughts and/or constructive criticism.

I have a scenario planned planned which would play out across 3 parts (There would be four parts total, choices in the first one would determine which of two play out in the middle piece, then depending on which side you chose at the start would determine which side of the final part you would be working with.) and would involve two gas stations (Going to use the Red Rocket as one, and something else for the other, just not 100% sure what yet.) and prewar the owners of each gas station brought their families there for the relative safety those buildings provided. The owners however had a bitter rivalry between each other. Over the years since, the families have continued to squabble back and forth, ranging from simple animosity to outright violence between the two clans.

Skip ahead a couple hundred years to “present” day and the main character stumbles across a skirmish between the two factions. The player finds themself in a position where they need to choose a side and/or find a way to broker a temporary truce between the two groups. At the end of the scenario, the player will have to choose which group to help moving forward (One family has a daughter who went missing, the other a son who went missing. Basically you choose which group you’re going to help first.). The second installment would follow the character as they try to find the missing person. And the third part would resolve the story largely based on how the second part went. (It’s kind of a Romeo and Juliette themed series.) The groups would be a little unbalanced on purpose, one side having brute force on their side, while the other would resort to a couple of clever tricks worked into the scenario to even the odds a bit.

Once I have my models and get the chance to familiarize myself with the rules, I’ll start work on the scenario when I have a bit of time.

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It’s certainly an interesting idea! Let us know how it develops :slight_smile:

That’s why I posted the idea here, I’ve found that when I put something before the public (Either things like this, or through my work), I’m much more likely to follow through with it quickly instead of sitting it off to the side and getting to it at a later time. :wink:

I have every intention of sharing the series with everyone as I finish them (And perhaps get a bit of playtest feedback in the process.)

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