Several questions regarding BOS "tales" mini-campaign

Hi all, I just finished a mini-BOS campaign from Awesome Tales and have a few questions.

  1. The first scenario victory condition for BOS says “The Brotherhood of Steel player wins if they have revealed all of the lettered Searchable Markers and have at least one unit remaining on the battlefield at the end of the game.”. What means by “the end of the game”: a) end of the round when the player discovered all markers, or b) end of round 6.

  2. You can find a T-60 armor on a ground in the last scenario. Can my character equip it right away? If not, that would be a useless find since it’s the last scenario in the campaign.

  3. BoS faction card says “At the beginning of your Leader’s activation, you may place a Reaction Token on one friendly model within the Presence range of your Leader that doesn’t already have a Reaction Token on it.”
    Does it require an “expertise” action by the leader?

  4. My BOS eyebot can’t use action points to stand into prepare mode, does it mean he can still be assigned a reaction token by leader from #3 question?

  5. “Hold unil resque” scenario supposes to use BOS force of 500 caps vs Mutants 450 caps. Eliminated mutants are supposed to be resurrected the next round. Over 6 rounds, my BoS units killed multiple mutants units several times, and lost just one unit. By the end of round 6, there were 4 BOS units still standing, with 2 of them not even harmed. Is it normal? Doesnt look so balanced to me.

  6. The first scenario “following the foorsteps”. Creatures can easily surround a single model from all sides. A surrounded unit wants to escape. I guess it has to perform a close combat action against one of the models, and use “slide” to get around it. But it’ll break the engagement with other surrounding models. Is it allowed, and do these other models get a free attack?

Thanks for the answers!

  1. End of Round 6. Some scenarios allow you to “insta-win” when conditions are met, but the “at least one unit remaining” condition means you’ll have to keep going the full game. If you lose all your units, you lose.
  2. Yes. You can equip any piece of equipment legally allowed by the unit type or faction instantly. You can even decide which item to use when you’re attacked, so you can choose the power armor’s armor rating or the unit’s armor rating and other items.
  3. No, it’s a BOS ability
  4. Yes
  5. I don’t know. It might have been bad dice rolls, knowing how to play BOS better than knowing how to play Super Mutants. Stronger Super Mutants like Brutes and named SM units can completely wreck anyone’s day in hand to hand, power armor or not. The weaker Super Mutant units can delay units in power armor enough so the stronger SM’s can engage in hand to hand or use their Big Guns to fire at the combat.
  6. Using a Slide movement allows you to break contact with one or more enemy units, but as long as you’re still engaged with one enemy unit, the other units you broke off with aren’t allowed to get their free attacks. If the unit is completely surrounded, is there a gap wide enough for them to fit their base through? If there is, they can slide around one of the enemies to escape the others, if not, they can’t slide around, they’re stuck there until they eliminate one of them to make an opening to fit through.
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Thank you for answering. Regarding slide, it’s unnecessary to find a gap between enemy models, the model can move through the enemy model. Errata says: “When assessing where a model can move to using a
Slide (after a Close Combat attack), the sliding model may
calculate their Slide by moving through the base of the
opponent with which they are engaged so long as they end
in a legal position still engaged with their opponent.”

Also I found answer to my question in the rules. A completely surrounded model cannot slide through one of the other models and break engagement, it has to stay engaged to all models.

“a model is allowed a special bonus movement, but only if it does not break engagement with any models with which it is engaged”