Radio Tower Takeover scenario questions

I have a bit of trouble with the reinforcement rules of this scenario.

The Defenders can choose not to deploy up to half of their caps in units. If the Defenders control the Tower for three consecutive turns, they can call on reinforcements equal to double the caps they left out during initial deployment. ‘Control’ is here defined as having base contact without enemy base contact to the tower.

So, the clear bit is that if I leave 100 caps out, I’ll get 200 caps in reinforcements. That’s the easy bit.

But then, it gets a bit fuzzy.

  1. When do I check for Control? At the start of a turn? At the end of a turn? Or can there not be any enemy in base contact at any point during those three turns?
  2. When do the reinforcements show up? This depends on the answer to 1. They could show up at the start of the next turn, the end of the current turn (and may or may not get an activation still), the start of the current turn (if checkingfor Control atthe start of a turn) …
  3. Where are the reinforcements deployed?
  4. Can I only pick fresh units with their equipment and other stuff as reinforcements or could I also promote a mini already in play to Heroic as part of my reinforcement caps?
  1. Unclear. The closest to RAW is “no enemy in btb with the tower at any point,” but that would make it almost impossible to ever trigger. I’d go with end of turn.
  2. Also unclear. Again, I’d go with end of turn, but the definitely wouldn’t get to activate that turn (otherwise it wouldn’t be the end of the turn)
  3. Also also unclear. Yellow from any board edge maybe as a reasonable solution?
  4. This one is finally clear. You can only pick new units, not upgrade ones already on the board.

There doesn’t seem to be an answer in the scenario itself. But most games I’ve played have reinforcements or reserves walk onto the table from whatever table edge your force deployed from. That would seem reasonable here, although they will be arriving very late in the game.

While also true in my experience, for this particular scenario it just doesn’t work since the Defender deploys around the radio tower in thecenter of thetable, i.e. has no table edge deployment zone. Hence my question. :slight_smile:
Obviously, reinforcement can’t just pop up out of nowhere next to the radio tower. Well, the Institute might, but we don’t know yet. :smiley:

I’ve asked the team to provide an answer for this. I didn’t write this scenario so need to find out from the person that did.

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Obviously, reinforcement can’t just pop up out of nowhere next to the radio tower.

Maybe they’re airdropped! Brotherhood is defending, and models in power armor take no falling damage in this game, no matter the height. So clearly they can deploy by just falling from the sky! :smile:

So, here are the answers:

  1. Control is checked for at the end of each round. It is just based on that moment only, regardless of who may have been in contact during that round.
  2. The reinforcements deploy at the start of the next round (so they do not activate at the end of the round when the criteria of touching the tower is fulfilled).
  3. The reinforcements deploy up to red from battlefield edge.
  4. The reinforcements must be new to the battlefield, so you can not enhance ones already on the battlefield in any way. Think of it that the forces not fielded at the start have been off rounding up extra help.

:slight_smile: Let’s hope they’ve not sent a vertibird of Field Scribes…


Thank you.

We’re going to play this one tomorrow. Defenders will be a mixed force of BoS and Survivors, Attackers will be Super Mutants.