"Demolition" scenario - Deployment zone clarification


I have been reading the “Demolition” scenario and first it says

“Blue chooses a side of the battlefield along which they will deploy (although Blue does not yet deploy their units). Red will deploy along the opposite side. The deployment zones are up to Yellow distance from their table edge.”

but after this, at “Initial Unit Placement” section it says:

“Red places all their models anywhere on the battlefield, but each model must be at least Yellow from all other models. Then, Blue places their models anywhere up to Red distance from any edges of the battlefield.”

Is this an error or am I missing something?


There’s definitely an error. I assume the first section you quoted is incorrect, and the second is what you’re supposed to use.

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Any official word on this?
I’m looking to play this scenario next Saturday, so a clarification would be welcome.

I think the deployment got changed during testing but seems to have only been updated in one location. I’ll ask the team to find out which one is correct (and then add that to the next FAQ).

Thanks James. Could we get a post here or let me know somewhere under the table so we can get this fellow gounf with his game?

The answer is the deployment mentioned in the section titled ‘Initial Unit Placement’ is correct. The deployment in the diagram is wrong (and the text at the top of Battlefield Set-up (third paragraph) should not be there).

It appears that the original deployment instructions for the scenario were not removed when new ones were added, and the diagram was drawn based on the original instructions.


Thanks for clearing this up. Much appreciated.