Battlemode - objective placement question

So when a player deploys their force, they have to deploy completely within a red ruler of their table edge, and when Objective Markers are placed they cannot be placed within a red ruler of any board edge. Does this mean that a model deployed at the very front of its deployment area can be deployed in contact with an Objective Marker, or not?

Also do Objective Markers count as difficult terrain by default, or only when they’re represented by a terrain piece?

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Hi Hecaton,

If the scenario allows you to then yes you can place the model in base contact with the Objective Markers but I’m not sure that’s in the spirit of the game ;). Its always best to discuss with your opponent what type of game you want to play. Also could you please elaborate on the second point?


For the first point, spirit of the game doesn’t mean much in a competitive setting. If it’s not intended to be done that way then the rules need to reflect that.

The second point, I believe Hecaton is asking if objective markers count as terrain for purposes of movement and cover. Since the official resin ones are larger and 3d it matters what the intent is.

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I’m talking about Battlemode, which is nominally competitive. Is your official statement on the matter “Right now, you can deploy in contact with objectives, but that wasn’t our intent” or something else?

And @AmPm has the right of it with my question about objective markers. Since they can be represented by plastic tokens or small resin terrain pieces, should they be treated as difficult terrain or not?

This came up specifically because of placement of secondary objectives needing to be placed outside of red from the board edge and the deployment zone also being red from the board edge. So the question becomes can you place an objective right along the edge of the deployment zone and a model in base contact with it on its side of the deployment zone.

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We’ll get a answer to you next week guys - its been a busy time this week. Thanks for bearing with us!


Rules as written, Yes… You can place Objective Markers in contact with a Deployment Zone, which consequently would allow a Model to be deployed in Base-to-Base Contact with it.

I would echo @Modiphius-NathanP response (as I advised him, that I would also be my response to this query) in that is it really in the spirit of the game to place objectives / and deploy in that way? I would argue that Spirit of the Game is MOST important in a competitive setting, as yes both players are playing to win, but is any win or a satisfying win more important?

We know Battle Mode is the primary way to play FWW for many players and Modiphius and the Dev Team are aware that support for it recently has been lacking. As @Modiphius-Jon has mentioned in a few threads recently, its on our radar.

As this is not something I foresee we will be able to allocate resources to at the moment, might I suggest that before setup to agree with your opponent to not place Objectives within Orange Distance of Deployment Zones.

I hope that helps, sorry I couldn’t provide a more concrete solution.


In regards to the second point,

No, the 3d Objective Markers do not count as terrain, they function identically to the cardboard markers provided in the FWW core box.


As the person who wrote the original set of rules, I’d also say the intent is that models cannot start touching objectives, so objectives should be placed just outside of the deployment areas so any model has to at least make one move to reach the objectives.