Battle Mode Terrain Setup


I want to organize small tournament between friends, but struggling with finding good and balanced terrain patterns. Can you please send me some table photos from tournaments or some terrain schemes?

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What my group decided on for tournament play was each player got equal amounts of terrain pieces with the agreed rules, 1 trash pile (no cover, difficult terrain), 1 fence (cover + difficult terrain), and 1 boulder (cover + impassable) then the players take turns deploying them on their half of the map.

I think you’ve got a good basis there! Some factions are more or less reliant on terrain. To make it even more generic, my suggestion would be that players can bring as much terrain as fits inside a yellow x yellow square. They can choose if it’s cover, difficult terrain, impassible, blocks LoS, etc. It might sound like that’s a lot of terrain, but with how long weapon ranges can get, you don’t (usually) want forces to be trading shots from their setup location.

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On a related note, in case it helps with what you’re planning, my group uses the scenarios “All Out War” and “Sending A Message” from AAT for pvp playtesting, we also include an optional win condition of immediately winning if you wipe out the enemy force.