Wait... Is this KULT?

What’s the connection between MC and KULT? Because there clearly is one…

Same creators. From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kult_(role-playing_game) - “Some symbols and creatures appearing in Kult can also be seen in other Swedish games to which the Kult authors and production team also have contributed. The Mutant Chronicles universe (created by Nils Gulliksson and Michael Stenmark) its spin-offs share creatures such as Nepharites and Razides which appear in the game.”

Well. The Nepharites and Razides are one thing.

But, the Dark Soul kinda makes me think that there’s a Gnostic element of MC that is very common with KULT.

I found some analogies between the Angels of Death/ Archons and the Apostles of the Dark Soul. Illian could easily be compared to either Kether or Thaumiel, Semai has something in common with Malkuth, but also Gamaliel. I can’t find any easy analogy for Muawijhe, but Demnogonis has things in common with Gamichicoth and Algeroth sounds like a mixture of Tiphareth, Thaumiel and Hareb-Serap.

That’s… not a bad analogy.
Welp, if you could mix Vampire and KULT, why not draw something from KULT into MC.

So. KMC could be the religious version of MC’s more science fiction take. Heh. Cool.
At the very least, I can draw some creatures and horrors from KULT.

I was a Kult GM for several years and I’m very dissatisfied with the new Powered by the Apocalypse rules. I can’t say that I really, really, thought about using MC to play Kult (the rules are too heroic and over the top) but I think you could easily play a Kultish campaing in Mutant Chronicles. It would be just a question of getting the players to agree on it and avoid certain kind of characters. I could imagine a campaign based on Luna with Luna PD cops, private eyes, techies or academics. It could work…


Yes, you could indeed…

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I ran MC back in the 90s. I was heavily influenced by KULT in my MC adventures. The secret history of KULT with the Demiurge leaving tied in perfectly with Nathaniel Durands powers of light awakening ---- and other things :slight_smile:

I also ran the JUDAS GRAIL adventure in a MC setting. It fits nicely for a heretic plot and dark temple location.

It would be interesting to know, if the new Kult edition would be interchangeable with MC3?!

I have the 3rd edition of KULT from this year, and it pretty much stays the same. The world has changed and so has the eternal worlds of KULT, but it would still be able to be fitted in as a dark dark dark reality behind the MC universe. Perhaps the Cardinal is lying… what if there is no Dark Legion, but instead it’s rifts into other dimensions around Citadels and so forth? It takes a bit of turning and churning with the lore but it could fit.