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Unofficial/ semi-official/ fan made scenarios?

I remember there were quite a few scenarios for the 1st and 2nd edition of Mutant Chronicles (although most of them were in french and italian, if I am not mistaken…). What about 3rd edition? Has anyone shared their own scenarios? If so, where can I find them? I suppose I could use scenarios for previous editions also, but only if I can find them in english, it would be too much touble translating…

I think on Google+ some had posted some ideas. But I fear, that no one though about saving them.

Hmmm, I didn’t take much notice about Google+… That’s a loss.

I am currently running a small campaign of my own in 2nd edition with my group… may be posting some of the adventure outlines online if there is demand for it. Give me some time to write them up and I will come back to let you know. :wink:


I’ve run two one-shot scenarios for a convention here in Sweden ( I do have all that material still, tho some things still needs to be put into writing. If any one is interested I’ll share.

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Unless it is in swedish I would be interested in that.

I can do a translate to English. Will take me a while tho.scen1_MJ12_1.pdf (70.5 KB)

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I could use a translator, but I have the feeling that it would produce a nasty piece of work…


Let’s not do THAT, gimme a week or two :smiley:


Of course. And thanks for sharing your work.

For the GM.pdf (48.0 KB)

First batch (of several), lemme know if you find this interesting enough for me to continue translating.

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Well, I can’t assure you that I will be using it, but I like what I have read. Are you, or were you a Kult game master? There is a distinct horror vibe in this text, and as the two games are kind of “siblings” that wouldn’t be strange.

No, I have played the very first version of Kult (Chock), but I feel that MC needs a bit of horror to go with the rest, the Darkness after all IS horror. My thoughts when creating this scenario, was that we needed a bit of mystery, a bit of action and a bit of horror, mix plenty! :slight_smile:

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I agree, it does need some horror. In fact, of the published scenarios, the first part of the Dark Symmetry Campaign (Straffar Gatan 39 and The Fall of Von Hölle) was the one who worked best for me and my players.

Almost done all translation, are you planning to let you players make their own characters, or do you want pre-mades ?

I usually don’t use pregens so, as far as I am concerned, don’t bother with that.

well here you go then

combinepdf.pdf (3.4 MB)

Thanks for translating it.

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Design isn’t my forte exactly, but any OTHER comments and recommendations are welcome.

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Here’s the full version for anyone feeling like giving it a try Die_Glocke.pdf (1.8 MB) Premade_Characters.pdf (2.6 MB)