Vault-Tec Poster Girl

Is there unit card for Vault-Tec Poster Girl? Just wondering if one exists somewhere. I order the mini (since I do not have a 3d printer yet) and thought it would be fun to add her to the survivor faction. I looked for the unit card but could not find one. So wondering if people just use the “Vault Dweller” with Super Sledge or if she has a card like Nuka Cola Girl :smile:

Sadly there is none… always hoped for one as i love the mini

Pretty sure we’ve been told she’s just a Vault Dweller with a Super Sledge.

Indeed she is just a variant Vault Dweller figure. Only the official Promo figures like Nuka Cola Girl, the Burned Man, etc. have actual unique cards. Figures from Modiphius’ 3D print offerings do not, which is probably for the best as that does not limit actual gameplay content to only those with 3D printers.

I used her as a Sole Survivor Loner who was armed with a Super Sledge. Seemed thematic!

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