Underestimating reactions and LoS block cover


I am new playing skirmish games. After some FFW plays I have became aware of that I have been underestimating reactions and LoS block covers.

I usually play with survivors and one of my main problems against Super Mutant is how to avoid charges.

After some plays, I have became aware that was not taking advantage of some mechanisms like reactions and covers that block LoS in order to avoid charges.

I want to illustrate how I think is a good way of solve this situation in order to get some feedback:

#1 Super Mutant wants to attack Nora:

#2 But he is not near enough in order to charge

#3 So, he moves toward Nora in order to charge in his second action:

#4 As Nora has a Reaction marker, she reacts to the Super Mutant movement and moves around the corner of the building:

#5 Now Nora is covered at the other side of the corner:

#6 As Super Mutant does not have LoS with Nora, he cannot charge against Nora:

#7 Now Super Mutant have to wait or to move leaving the cover if he want to attack in the next round:

Any feedback would be appreciate.


That’s a good way to use a reaction!

It’s worth remembering that you don’t need to charge in order to engage in close combat; you can use a normal move instead. This allows you to get into close combat even when you didn’t have line of sight initially (ie, going around a corner), but means you won’t get the usual charge bonus, and is usually a shorter distance than a charge move.


It’s worth remembering that you don’t need to charge in order to engage in close combat; you can use a normal move instead

That’s a good point!! Thanks for the information!

Note that tactic doesn’t work against dogs or Mutant Hounds, who can charge even without LoS. Also, that will probably only work once, then the opponent will just stop and shoot on short runs :slight_smile: It will also be a much more effective tactic if you have other guys on Prepare close by, to be able to shoot at the failed charger while not being charged.

Also note that you could simply use the reaction to make a close combat attack in response to the charge, which would resolve before the charger got to attack. Probably not worthwhile in this case, but sometimes, it might work out better than avoiding the combat, especially if the charger has been softened up prior to the charge.

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Yes, but my problem usually is that I want to avoid being charged because my units are more prepared for ranged attack :slight_smile: