Unable to edit text in topic I created

I made a post for Errata in STA and went to amend something but couldn’t.

Is this locked for Basic trust levels, or am I missing something?

Edit* I can amend this one. but per screen cap below no edit pencil graphic shows.

Hmm… That’s interesting.

This is down to editing having a grace period, beyond which it’s not possible. The system sets it like that to allow for typos and corrections, but after that the post is locked.

Currently the time in the system is half an hour. Think it should be increased? If so, what do you think to?

Thanks for the spot - you’ve been awarded a shiny (sort of) Beta Tester badge.

Hmmm… That prevent’s what I had envisioned for the topic and a staple for most forums. i.e. keeping the primary post as the relevant post so it’s not lost amongst the list.

In the grand scheme of things half an hour is not a lot of time, but if you are locking posts then who can really say how long is suitable, what ever time you pick, someone will gripe.

Yeah, not the best really is it…

So, we’ve just updated the time scale on this - it should be much MUCH higher now. See how you go with that.

At least the Beta Test is working by finding these things? Right? :cold_sweat:

If it worked perfectly off the bat then something is seriously wrong somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly though I do like the setup for these forums that have a much more modern and dynamic feel to them. Hats off to you

Thanks! :smiley: