Pinned Topics Toggle to Unpinned

Not sure if this is intended or not, but when I view a pinned topic the pinned status of that topic toggles back to unpinned.

In the section below the topic and replies the a dropdown box with pinned and unpinned. When I first go into a topic this drop down displays Pinned, but quickly switches to unpinned. To keep the topic pinned i need to set this dropdown box to pinned each time.

Yup, that is the intended way for it to currently work.

Currently it’s being used as a method to get across information that you should read once. That’s why once you click in it to read it, the post gets unpinned.

This is instead of a Sticky Post setup where there is a permanently locked post at the top of the page.

What do you think - should it be a read-once kind of pin, or more of a sticky post?

Thanks for getting involved in testing the forums by the way - a shiny(ish) Beta Tester badge is now yours! :bug:

Got it, and that does make sense. I guess there are some topics that I would want to be a Sticky Post, such as the character generator in the Conan forums and the FAQs etc. Those I would like to see stay at the top for quick and easy access. Not sure if the Bookmark tag will work with this or not. I will play around with that.

I think I prefer Bookmarks myself. It’s all well and good sticky-ing items, but I feel that they should be something of universal importance, else you get a risk of too many posts getting sticky-ed and you have to scroll past a lot of stuff, possibly onto new pages just to look at new posts.

The Bookmarks also seem to allow you to save the threads that are most useful and important to yourself, which suits me much better.

I do agree though there are some things already that should be immediately noticeable for all users, old and new, and thus “stuck” such as the Official Character Generators.

I agree about the Bookmarks. They do seem to fill that roll nicely now that I have taken a closer look at them. I guess I just had some preconceived notions of what the Pin would do.

Hi both,

Thanks for the thoughts - seems like things are OK at the moment. However we’ll make a note to look into the possibilities of implementing something like a sticky post when we next have some dev time.