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Issue with topic listing in CONAN subforum

I am seeing the Conan sub forum in super weird way. Under every topic there are the labels.
Any idea what went wrong? I didn’t trigger any settings as far as I can recall :frowning:

Hey there!

Don’t panic - you’ve not broken anything.

That’s part of a general update for the platform we run the forums on. Now each topic in a category will be labelled like that showing if it’s part of a sub-category or not.

If you look at a category like Star Trek, which has a lot of sub-categories, you can see this a bit better.


I think the old way is more readabLe, labels under the topics cause clutter and does not make mix of topics with new posts distinguishable.

Maybe because in the Conan forum the 95% is single label.

Definitely this tag stuff must be reverted ;_;

After using the forums for few days with that feature, I don’t like it at all. It does not improve anything, makes things more cluttered and unreadable, as the tags are white and read topics are darker, therefore making the whole list too contrasting and unreadable imo.

If there is way to disable it on user base it will be great.

Hey there,

It’s actually a new feature to the basic functionality of the platform that runs the forums, not our own iteration of it. As a result, short of a major piece of coding on our part, we’re not able to remove this.

That said, we’ll look into seeing if it’s customisable or not with the standard settings.

I understand that. Nice feature, but how can be turned off? :smiley: