Categories when creating a new topic in sub-forums

When I create a new topic in a sub-forum (like “Forum Feedback” or “Star Trek Adventures”), I can pick any category even the ones from completely different sub-forums.

For Star Trek Adventures for example, I have to scroll through the categories to find the Star Trek ones. I think it would enhance usability if you could only select the categories for this particular sub-forum. Alternatively, change the order of the category list so that the most relevant categories (i.e. Star Trek Adventures related in this case) are placed at the beginning.

Thanks for the feedback!

I can see what you mean. The reason it has that option is actually to allow moving topics. Say someone created a topic or a post in the wrong thread, it could then be moved to another by simply changing the drop-down.

Now, in the situation you’re mentioning, the best thing to do is simply to navigate to the section (including sub-forum) that you want to post in and the drop-down will automatically fill in with the corresponding details when create a topic.

That doesn’t mean seeing if we can change this isn’t a good idea - so we’ll add it to the dev log to look into in the future.

Thanks for the feedback - have a Beta Tester badge! :bug: