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Category sort for front page?

Hi, I would find it really useful if there was some way of sorting or pinning the categories I’m most interested in on the front page.

I’m mostly interested in the siege of the citadel board game, or also the thunderbirds game, both of which are a fair way down in the listing on the front page. So it would be useful if there was a way I could set those to be higher up the list.

Many thanks, and I am enjoying browsing your forum.:+1:

Hey there Shockaday!

That’s definitely something we’re interested in looking at in the future, and we’ll be putting it on the list for possible future development. However, as it stands, the platform comes with two options…

1 - Manual order - This would be determined by the admins
2 - Reactive order - This is what it’s currently set to and it puts the more frequently used categories at the top

We think option #2 is the best choice at the moment, but we will explore pinning categories if we get the development time for it.

Have a Beta Tester badge as thanks for helping out!



Fair enough, thanks!