New to the New Conan forums, have a question

First time posting here since Google dismantled G+.
My question is: is there a sub forum equivalent to the G+ gazeeter section?

There are no sub-forums. Tags are the only things that define the context of a topic.

We do have sub forums, what are you looking for in a gaziteer?

Thank you for the asnwer, SteveH.
I just re-read Jewels of Gwahlur, and Howard mentions the Pelishtim deity Pteor (no relation to the character Baal-Pteor).
The deity, however, isn’t mentioned anywhere else, and I wasn’t able to discover any reference to it in the Modiphius sourcebooks. Am I missing anything and the deity is described somewhere, or the developers just decided they didn’t had enough for a full write up?
Best regards.

Thank you, Valyar.

Pteor should be in Conan the Adventurer which is forthcoming.

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Thank you. Is there a release date or a release schedule?

Not at the moment.