Unpaid Copy Editor Offer

Hello Gavin, Jim, et. al.,

I am a lifelong TES fan and have almost all of the CTA kits. I am deeply invested in this game and have been thrilled to play it (I do favor battle mode) since its announcement. Unfortunately, like many others, I have been frustrated with the many errors in the rules (especially cards that won’t be pdf updated) and see these as a blemish in an otherwise great game.

I am offering to volunteer as a freelance text/copy editor for Call to Arms content. I am an experienced game programmer, Battlescribe data editor, and writer, all of which have required me to pay close attention to detail with regard to typos, inconsistencies, and other minute details in large documents and/or systems.

I so desperately want CTA to realize its full potential, I am willing to sign an NDA and whatever else is necessary. I am in the USA, which is why I am not calling your offices with this offer, but I can work this into my schedule. The only compensation I ask for is a) that CTA be as great as it can! and b) maybe the occasional copy of a Card Pack I would work on or such.

Thank you for your time and this awesome game,

Email support at Modiphius.com and they’ll route your request to the appropriate people.

Awesome thanks

Hi Hollie

First off, thanks for the interest and support for the game, it’s much appreciated. We don’t have as much flexibility to produce TES:CTA cards as PDF’s as we do with Fallout. What I try to do it ensure there is a robust errata and if there is a game breaking error (Orcish Mace, I’m looking at you) we will re-print the card in a later card pack. We’re looking at the feedback from the recent public review of the core game rules and we’ll be issuing a revised rulebook following that process, which will hopefully correct many of the issues with the current rulebook.

But, I see your email to support has been passed on to me, so if/when we are looking for furter copy editing I will add you to the list.



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Hey Gavin,

I’m aware of these processes, I’ve been following quite closely. The updated rulebook looks pretty solid, I was more worried about upcoming card packs that might be shipped with errors, and seeing if I could get on an NDA and help edit them before they are sent to print (with any potential errors).

Thanks for your reply, and please let me know if/when you need me.